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This is the way Gypsy Tarot with normal playing Cards. This is how it was done in years past.

[Normal Playing Card Tarot]


* Playing Cards


Ace: Love, Beginnings, happiness, Friendship
King: Fair-haired Man, Affectionate and Generous, but impetuous
Queen: Fair-haired Woman, trustworthy
Jack: Fair-haired young person, Good Friend
10: Good fortune, Happiness
9: Desires come true
8: Invitation, but also partings
7: Someone unreliable
6: Unexpected good fortune, Generosity
5: Jealousy, Indecision
4: Changes, Possible travel overtime Postponement
3: Need for caution
2: Friendship, Success


Ace: Harmony, Property, Achievement, Love
King: Dark-haired man, Honest, Open
Queen: Dark-haired woman, Strong, Helpful, Attractive
Jack: Reliable Friend
10: Money from unexpected Source, Good Luck, or a Gift
9: A new romance
8: Opposition, Danger of Recklessness
7: Prosperity, though a danger of romantic interference
6: business success
5: Help from friend or spouse
4: Bad change of fortune
3: Good Marriage or Alliance
2: Disappointment and Opposition


Ace: Money, A Ring
King: Fair-haired man, Stubborn and Powerful
Queen: Fair-haired woman, Flirtatious, Sophisticated, Witty
Jack: A relative, someone not quite reliable
10: Journey, Changes usually bring wealth
9: Opportunities and Surprises, usually financial
8: Late Marriage or New relationship, Unexpected Money
7: A Gift
6: A reconciliation, A warning against second marriage
5: Successful meeting, particularly in business
4: An inheritance, An change for the better
3: Legal or Domestic Battles
2: A Love Affair becomes more important


Ace: Conflict Love Affair
King: Dark-haired man, Ambitious, usually Successful
Queen: Dark-haired woman, Seductive or unscrupulous
Jack: Dark-haired young man, Well meaning person
10: Worry
9: Bad Luck, Can mean delay or quarrels
8: Disappointment and Opposition
7: A warning against possible loss of friendship
6: On improvement in person's life
5: Anxiety, Setbacks, Interference
4: Jealousy, Business Troubles
3: Partings, possibly due to faithlessness
2: Scandal, Gossip, Danger of deceit

(Please charge your Tarot Playing Cards with your own energy before use. You may use any normal playing cards.)

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