Chatter Rules

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Something everyone should read before using the live chat.


If you are asking Questions like:


"What is a gag?"

"I'm not sure on *insert rule here*"

"why was I gagged?"

Then you should make sure you read this fully.

Below is a clarification of the rules. You will be directed her by moderators if they feel you need to read this.

If i missed anything fellow moderators will add in!


What is a gag?


A gag is an action that the moderator can use to place a block on your account. If you break any rules in chatter, forum, mail etc.

The Block on your account will remain until the gagging moderator decides when or if it should be removed. The gag on your account stops you from:

Accessing and Talking in chatter.

Posting in Public and coven forums.

Mailing other members of the site.

If you are gagged, you may return as another account. You will not be gagged unless you break the rules again even if the moderator knows it you.


Magick Talk:


Yes it does state in the rules that it is a magick chatter, it also states that you may go off topic if a magick topic isn't raised.

"When no one has magical or website concerns to be asked other topics may be discussed, but not at the loss of magic."

Moderators usually switch to magick topic if one or another is getting out of hand. This is in an attempt to restore order. However if a moderator requests that a magick subject be raised, please just comply/ You'll only get yourself gagged. It is a moderators job to enforce the rules, so when people reply:

"You're making us talk aboutmagick, do you have one?"


"Start one then, *insert moderators username*"

You will simply get the reply:

"It isnt my job to make a topic for you."


Revealing Personal Information:


Okay revealing personal information can be phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses, home address, work address, Full names or anything like that of you OR any other member.

Full name does mean full name. First names are fine, it's how you make friends. But with full names, bad people can target you easily.


Roleplaying or RP:


Roleplaying is when you claim to be something or to do something that is an impossible accomplishment.

For example:

"I am a fallen angel, I shoot lightning from my hands and I kill the impure."

This would be classed as roleplaying and you will be gagged, and it will not be removed.

This for example:

"RavenDaeus hugs person"

"RavenDaeus passes out"

Are NOT forms of roleplaying, just merely actions, you will not get gagged for those, that is why the /me function was created in the first place.


Dating/Advanced Offers:


Spells of Magic is an environment where its members should be able to learn without the burden of this. The Chatter and the site contains many young people, it is in some cases ILLEGAL to be doing this as well as rude.

If moderators find out that anyone has been doing this in chatter or mailing system the account will be gagged and the gag will NOT be removed.




English is the only spoken language in the chatter, to avoid being gagged I would suggest you strictly keep to this rule. I know there are some languages that only add things such as "san", "kun", or "chan" on the end of names, but to avoid being gagged I would strongly suggest strictly english only.




Harrassing a member can be many things. It can mean sending them mail after mail to annoy them. It can be hate mail or infatuation. It could mean pming them in chatter with spam, or pestering them. It can also be classed as targetting them in chatter or making personal attacks. All these examples are not allowed.

Threatening a member can mean both physically and magickally. If you threaten a member in the chatter that is a sure fire way to get gagged without warning. This is not allowed on other parts of the site either including the mail systemm forums, or public chat.

Arguing This distrupts the peace in chatter and forums, if you are found arguing you will most likely be given a chance to stop. This should take effect immediately. Failure to do so will result in both if not all involved to be gagged. You may argue or "strongly debate" in the mail system however if the member says to stop, you need to stop as it can be a form of harrassing.




As I've already mentioned there are young people on the side so you must be considerate.

Swearing includes all the normal swears and vulgar/foul language.

Blocking out swears with *s or &@%$ are also not allowed. You will probably get a warning for the minor swears and blocking out BUT do not take it that you will always.


Capital Letters:


Moderators usually let you use one word of capitals to let you make an emphasis on a point. However try to avoid it as it technically is against the rules.

Usually if it is just a mistake like you accidentily hit the capital locks button, or the shift key, moderators may ungag your account after twenty minutes or a day or so BUT they may not.

If you do a whole paragraph in chatter as caps, or a couple or words you will get gagged, and you may not be ungagged.

If you do camel caps


"HeLo I lIKe Too PrACtISe MaGIcK"

or it is evident that you used caps enitirely on purpose on the grounds that you actually agreed to this rule you will be gagged, and the gag will most likely NOT be removed.




Spamming comes in many forms here are a few:


There are some words that people are tempted to stretch such as;






This is what usually moderators gag people for to avoid this I would just stick to using just two or three extra letters like:


This is a way to avoid being gagged.

Flooding is also another form as spam, this is when you use line after line after line that have only a few words. Here is an example:

RavenDaeus: Hey how are you?

Ravendaeus: I'm shaun

RavenDaeus: I'm so glad to be here

RavenDaeus: I actually

Ravendaeus: Don't know

Ravendaeus: What to

Ravendaeus: Put here

Ravendaeus: But

Ravendaeus: You get

Ravendaeus: The idea

SilverVixen: Knock it off! >=/

Another form of spam is the case of random letters being stringed together to fill space of the chatter like:


As well as words being repeated over and over and over.

Also things like lyrics can be classed as spam too.


Arguing with a moderator:


This is a big no no, if a moderator decides something that is well within their rights, do not argue, if you have a problem then go to Petrarca and he will investigate.

Protesting any decision made by a moderator is classed as breaking this rule, this includes deleting forum posts, gagging members, issued warnings etc.

If you are gagged for this reason, you will most likely NOT be ungagged.


Other Information



Regular members do NOT have the ability to post links in the chatter, If you have a link you would like linked in the chatter mail it to a moderator.

If you post a link in chatter you will be reminded of this. If you continue, the moderator will class it as spam.


Please keep all advertising in the advertisements forum, any advertising made in chatter whether it be onsite (covens) or offsite, will be classed as spam.

Moderator Restriction:

Moderators cannot interviene with coven affairs If the member is spamming, or swearing etc. It is upto you to notify the leaders and have them deal with the member.

Member Rights:

If you are gagged you may inquire about the moderator who gagged you.

The best thing is not to come in chatter and say:

"Oh I got gagged for this and this who in the world gagged me??!"

You will probably get gagged again.

The best thing is to mail a moderator saying you were gagged etc, and asking who gagged you. If the moderator knows then they will tell you, if it was months ago then you will probably never know.

Once you find out which moderator gagged you, you may want to send them mail apologizing as well as an explaination and talk about it.

However if you argue or become aggressive you may be gagged again.


Moderator Business


Moderators have to keep moderator actions between moderators.

So if you go around saying:

"Who gagged this person?"

"Why is this person in trouble?"

The moderator will respond that is moderator business, and explain we have our own chatter to discuss issues.

Also what catches people out is this Question:

"How do I become a moderator?"

This is a taboo, moderators will respond;

"By not asking."

If you continue to request mod info, you will be gagged.
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