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In this article, we will discuss holistic healing via crystals and their energy.

Disclaimer: Serious medical ailments should be treated by a physician. This post is here to provide information on holistic healing via crystals for spiritual well-being, and should not be used in place of proper medical treatment.

Note: This article is on general information, and my personal experiences, on crystal and energy healing. Its purpose is to serve as a guide to those who may be interested in the topic, and should be taken as such. There are several methods by which one can do crystal healing, and this is just an example of one of those methods.

What is Crystal Healing:

Crystal healing is a form of holistic healing that employs the use of gemstones and crystals to heal the mind, the body, the emotions, and the spirit. It is based around the idea that the body has energy centers. If there is a blockage or interference with these centers or the flow of energy to and from them, the individual may become ill; feel out of sorts, etc.

Here, healers do not just treat the illness, they treat the entire body. This is done by feeling the energy fluctuations and changes in the aura of an individual, and then using the crystals to heal and/or repair and fluctuations, blockages, etc.

Healing with Crystals:

To heal with crystals, they are placed over the chakras. If the stone feels uncomfortable or out of place, it may need to be repositioned. Start at the base chakra and work your way up when placing the stones. If the stones are properly cleansed and charged, the patient should notice a change in themselves and the energy within their bodies. The healer may also be able to feel this. They can also help direct the energy. When removing the stones, remove the crown stone first and then work your way down toward the base chakra stone.

It is also a good idea to place a quartz stone between the patients feet during the healing session to help better ground and direct the energy.

Chakra Layout for Healing:

1. Place a red stone at the base of the spine or one stone at the top of either leg for the base chakra.

2. Place an orange stone on the lower abdomen for the Sacral Chakra.

3. Place a yellow stone between the navel and the rib cage for the Solar Plexus chakra. If this chakra feels like there is a strong tension in the energy here, clear quartz can also be used to help remove the tension and promote proper energy flow.

4. Place a green stone in the center of the chest for the heart chakra. You can also use a rose quartz to promote emotional clearing.

5. Place a light blue stone at the base of the throat for the throat chakra.

6. Place a dark blue or indigo stone slightly above and in the center of the brow (or the center of the forehead) for the brow chakra, also known as the third eye. An amethyst stone can also be used here.

7. Place a violet stone on the top of the head, or slightly below the hairline for the crown chakra. If

you used an amethyst stone for the brow chakra, use a clear quartz stone for this chakra point.

The Flow of Energy Establishing the Problem:

The more in tune you are with energy and energy flows, the easier it tends to be to pick up on any issues or imbalances in the patients energy. Energy healers can sense where a problem is by feeling the subtle changes in the patients energy field.

Place your hands at the crown chakra and slowly work your way down the patients body. Take note of any peculiarities you may feel in their energy.

1. Attraction - If you feel your hands pulled to a specific area, this particular area may be in need of healing.

2. Repulsion - If you feel your hands being pushed away, this could be a sign that there is a long standing issue that needs addressed.

3. Flow - If you are experienced with energy healing and working with energy flows, you can let yourself go with the flow and ease the energy flow along so that it flows how it needs to.

4. Heat - If your hands feel hot, this could indicate an area where healing is needed most.

5. Cold - Energy blockages can be indicated by a cold, tingling sensation.

6. Tingling - A general tingling in an area can signal an affected area that needs healing. The strength of the tingling can indicate the severity of the issue.

7. Pain - This can indicate a buildup of energy a sharp pain can indicate energy that is beginning to dissipate.

Beginning Treatment :

When a patient needs healing, their natural energy flow is usually disrupted. Evening out their aura and energy flow can help with this, and allow us to find where exactly an issue might be.

1. Start at the top of the head and slowly move your hands down their body.

2. Pause for a few moments over any area where you feel a disruption in energy flow (like any of those mentioned above.)

3. Slowly move down the rest of the body, stopping at the feet. There is a minor chakra at the base of the feet.

My Experiences and Techniques :

I am self-taught when it comes to crystal healing, and have found that the more we work with energy flows (and the crystals themselves), the easier it is to feel and understand the fluctuations in this energy. This in turn makes it easier to find and treat any issues or blockages the patient may have.

I begin by speaking with the patient to both get a better understanding of them and any underlying issues that may exist. Healing, at least from my experiences, is done on a case by case basis. Each patient is different.

I will then have the patient lie down, and relax. I run my hands down the length of their body to feel any energy fluctuations, disruptions, etc. I do this first to get an understanding of their energy and any issues that might be present before I place the stones and work on healing any issues.

Once I find the area (or areas) where a blockage or energy fluctuation exists, I place my stones and get to work. I use a selenite wand to help direct and channel healing to each respective area that needs it. Selenite is a wonderful stone for this because it is a natural director of energy and helps pull and/or push energy where it needs to go.

After I direct the energy or help alleviate any blockages, I will have the patient do some deep breathing exercises and slowly move down their body, stopping to focus on each chakra center. If they feel any discomfort or oddity in the energy at a chakra center, I work on to even out the energy in that area so that the energy moves smoothly from one chakra or energy center to the next.

Sometimes, a patient will need more than one session to help deal with any issues that might be present.

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