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How to get rid of negative spiritual influences and how to protect yourself from them.

Binding Spirits

When people have problems with spirits, be it a haunting or what not, they are advised to bind the spirit. That is something I would not recommend at all for both beginners and for the first approach to the situation.

There are other, safer and simpler, approaches to a situation like this, let's discuss them.

Different approaches

Contacting the spirit

This is the first step I would recommend anyone taking. Whether you want to bind a spirit because it is affecting you or because you think it is " fun " you should always try to contact it first.When you are being affected by a spirit in a negative way, the spirit might just want something from you that you're not understanding. It might just want to warn you of something, it might just really need something from you or it might just be feeding off of your energy. In whatever case, contacting and trying to figure out the source of why he is there is the best way to go.

Now, if you want to bind a spirit for other reasons, I would suggest contacting it as well and see if it is open to the idea. I would not recommend, ever, you trying to bind a spirit against their own will. They will fight back if you make them angry and why would you even go against their will anyway?

Just like when a person affects you negatively, you want to know why. Do the same with spirits, ask them why or what do they want/need from you. Don't be disrespectful to a spirit.

Cleansing yourself and your home

Second step I recommend is cleansing. Getting rid of that negative energy is what you need as well, for one can't simply live in an environment filled with negative energy and feel good with it.

Cleansing is something we should do from time to time, as places and even ourselves, accumulate energy as time passes and some of that energy isn't always that positive. Cleansing is basically a reset button.

There are many ways that you can cleanse yourself and your home, be it with candles, prayers, incenses, herbs, etc

Banishing the spirit

This is the third step I take in case I am being affected - negatively - by a spirit and it refuses to leave.

You're the boss in this situation, you are a witch, you have the power to banish something out of your life that is making you miserable. Banishing a spirit sometimes is what's necessary. If you've tried it the easy way, tried contacting it and without any results, then banish it. Just like you wouldn't allow a person to keep bringing you down, why would you allow a spirit to do so?

There are many rituals that you can use to banish a spirit or you can always craft your own ( which I think, in my opinion, would be best ). There are many different methods as to which you can go for.

I don't, at any point, recommend any of this to beginners. Study, learn, grow.

For future references

It happened once and you dealt with it, doesn't mean next time it will be that easy, spirits come and spirits go.

There are precautions that you can take, not only against spirits but malice in general, it is something I highly recommend anyone doing. If you can not protect yourself, then something's really wrong.


Wards are a form of protection against malice/evil. They can be performed by a spell and placed upon a talisman, a sigil, etc, in order to protect someone from something. Some wards can be temporary and others more to the permanent side.

They can be placed on some structure as well ( if you want to go with the permanent ones ), however one must repeat the warding process for it to actually be more permanent-ish.

Other protection spells or methods

There are many plain and easy methods to protect a property/person as well. Keeping pieces of silver on each corner of a room or a cup filled with water and salt are some of the easiest yet effective methods to protect and absorb negative energy.

There are many plain and easy methods to protect a property/person as well. Keeping pieces of silver on each corner of a room or a cup filled with water and salt are some of the easiest yet effective methods to protect and absorb negative energy.

You can also craft a spell of your own and place it upon a person/property, it is not an uncommon thing to do, let alone that hard.

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Feb 19, 2020
This is a good read. I’ve been banishing negative and evil spirits for a looooong time. I learned a thing or 2. I have been battling a tough one that a blood relative conjured and sent to me. This thing is weird like I’ve seen a LOT of things in my 47 years- but this thing is messed up and dangerous. He taunts you mocks you 😡 he busted my sons headphones that were on his head-4 of us saw them shatter. Before he did this he said he was going after my son. He’s made me pass out successfully 3 times -!though he tries often. There were two other negative spirits here with him - we did my tried and true banishing ritual. You could here them screaming but they left, you could here them far off into the distance. The house felt clear crisp and clean. I could see better focus didn’t have any passing out spells. This lasted a week. Idk know this weird one was hiding or came back or what. And it’s crazy. Like split personality. One personality cries for his mom and says my blood relatives name and the other is twisted and says he plans to kill me. He mocks me now when I try to banish it I was looking up some other banishing rituals then started walking to another room then I hear it singing loudly and tauntingly the last sentence of the banishing ritual I just read over and over I was really confused and couldn’t figure out where I was. I opened my eyes and I was laying in the hallway my kids kneeling over me but the loud singing was all I could hear. Finally it quit and I sat up and asked the kids if I had passed out again. Yep. I didn’t even feel like I was going to pass out ugh he’s annoying. And oh dear god he does weird weird stuff. And his face no no I can’t. I’m working on a few other things though. I’m not backing down.

Jul 19, 2021
Do you believe in any particular religion/deity/god? If you have a parton deity/god that your family worships or have faith in you should ask for help from them. No evil things can exist when there is a particular patron god or house guardian gods/deities. I saw a spell and ritual to invoke your gods to protect and bless you and your family members. I follow a lot of religions and keep faith in different gods who I feel connected to and use their mantras and chants.

Jun 01, 2020
Amazing read a family member has a problem at the moment I have pictures anyone interested in looking at them as I have no idea how to deal with this all help will be most greatfully received

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