Newbie Central

Newbie Central is your first stop on your way to spell casting, paganism, magic, wicca and more.

The Spells Of Magic website is quite huge and this newbie section will help you find your way around. Some good places to start are to read our FAQs and our spell casting tips. You may also wish to read our quick setup and summary of spell casting.

The website is divided into several main sections:
  • Profile - Membership on the site is completely free. Once a member you can participate in the live chat, the forums, covens and upload your own content and submissions.

    There is no requirement to become a member of the site, and all the forums, articles and spells are still available to guests of the site.

    Within your profile you are able to include additional info about yourself, upload photos, send mail and even configure the layout of your screen.

  • Fortunes - This section has a variety of fortune telling applications from Tarot cards to numerology and horoscope readings. Dream Interpretation is a rather new feature of the site which allows you to search on keywords to help you decode your dreams.

  • Spells - This website began many years ago as just an online spellbook. In the spells section you can navigate through our spellbook and find the spells you are looking for. Many people come for the spells but stay for the community. There is a variety of help elsewhere on the site to help you cast spells better and ultimately improve your results.

  • Articles - Of course wicca and pagan life is much more than just spells. The Articles section includes hundreds of articles about the craft. Along with informative articles, many rituals and additional information is included in this section.

  • Videos - Although not yet fully functional, the videos section is a library of videos about the craft.

  • Members - This section allows you the ability to see who is currently online and what they are currently doing. It also allows you access to the list of Moderators. Moderators ensure things run smoothly on the website and that members do no begin harassing or abusing each other. If you have a question about the site, or concerns about the way you have been treated you can turn to the Moderator section of the Members section to find someone dedicated to helping you.

  • Covens - This is perhaps our largest section. A coven is simply a group of people who share similar interests. There are dozens of covens and you may choose or choose not to join any of them. Some covens admit everyone, others are focused on certain skill levels or topics of interest. Once a member of a coven you are able to add your own spells and articles to the site. The Spell Casters coven is a special coven created so anyone may join and add content to the website without having to go through the normal application process of most other covens.

  • Forums - Perhaps our most visited section, the forums allow discussion on a variety of topics. All visitors, members or guest may read the forums, but only members may post. Covens have theor own forums as well which they may choose to make public or keep private to just coven members.