Rune Casting

Scatter the runes and see what they have to tell you. Type a question you have or describe what you would like the runes to tell you, then click the button to see what the runes have to say.


There were several types of runes in use before the Roman empire took over Europe and introduced the Latin/Roman alphabet. Runes were basically the alphabet of northern Europeans before the time of the Romans.

Not only were the runes an alphabet, but each letter also represented objects or actions. This meant that even if the lower class people were not literate enough to read, they could still communicate effectively in writing by only needing to know 24 symbols.

Use of runes became a method of fortune telling. By drawing or etching the letters of the runic alphabet onto wood chips, stone or bone the runes were then either placed into a pattern (similar to the way tarot cards are, or a selected number of them scattered randomly.

Because there are so many different methods of reading runes it really becomes an art form in reading and interpreting the meaning of the runes. When runes are cast, the area they land is called the field and represents the world in which you live. The runes may be randomly scattered or placed in the field in a specific design.

Runes can be interpreted differently depending on their orientation on the field. Typically, runes to the right represent the past, runes to the left the future. The runes nearest to you are the problem or issue you are facing and the far ones are the future or outcome. Any runes in the center of the field represent actions and challenges.

A wide variety of rune sets are available in today's world. Choose a set you really like, whether it is made or stone, or wood, or bone, or plastic or whatever else. Some people believe that the runes become more powerful if they are only ever used by one person and always used in the same place.