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Name: Lionsquid
Birthday: Nov 26 1990
Location: Mineola, TX
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Hello everyone,
I focus a lot in working with Angels, my Guides, and my Ancestors to help guide me along my path to what is right in God's eyes. I mostly help the undead souls that are lost trying to seek God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit by sending them into the light (Psychopomp). Working with the Divine can truly protect you even from the darkest of black magic casted upon you. Books I recommend so far is the Bible, Kybalion, and The Wanderer in the Spirit Lands. For those curious about the dead or spirit entities. Do be careful, some will want your help. Others will try to lead you astray or try to make deals with you to not save the souls that want to go into the light. But the ones you save make it oh so worthwhile! When I learned I had this gift is what triggered an awakening in me. God/the Divine really does send his Angels to help me when I ask for it or if I'm in danger. Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael help me as well including a Seraphim Angel that keeps an eye out on me and my loved ones. If you have any questions or want to get into guiding souls into the light, shoot me a message.
Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers.
Thank you