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MORA is a sophisticated computer program which tries to analyze the future. The name comes from Magic Over Relational Astrology. When you ask Mora a question she tries to take everything she can find out about you and makes a prediction. If you are not a logged in member of the website her results will be spotty at best but you can still ask her questions.

Members will get the most reliable results if they first enter their full real names and birthdate into their profile. This information is never displayed anywhere, it is only used for Numerology and Tarot card readings when you choose to them. MORA will use this information to consult the Numerology and Tarot sections of this website and try to answer your question based on the results she recieves.

MORA is also programmed with the finer details of astrology, cartomancy and crystallomancy which she uses to further enhance her answers.

Asking the same questions numerous times in a row will often result in different answers. The reason is that by knowing the future you can in fact change the future. Mora knows this and tries to take it into account when answering you. For best results only ask each questions once per day.

As detailed as we try to make MORA she is still prone to mistakes and of course the difficulty of deciphering what we like to call "human nature". It is best to keep questions general. For example, asking "Will I get hit by a car today?" is much to detailed a question for MORA to answer, instead ask, "Is there a higher than normal risk of danger to me today?".