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To provide the world with a forum to share and learn all things new age and magical
Spells of Magic started from an idea in 1997, an idea about creating the first online spellbook. Search engines were notorious terrible back in '97, there were only about a million websites but automated indexing was in its infancy and not very reliable. That is why Yahoo and other Search Directories existed, websites were manually put into indexes, as opposed to search engines which did it automaticlly.


A world where people are comfortable to, and are free to explore, share, and expand their beliefs, their powers, and their spirituality
None of these directories or search engines had any results for magic spells, and so development of Spells Of Magic began. Originally called 'Witch's Black Magic Spells', the site was designed as a spellbook and even visually looked like a book on your screen.

The development began, and always driven by the desire to entertain, Peter Sadlon, the founder and developer worked tirelessly at the website and database design. An initial list of 300 spells and their categories were developed. Things seemed to be progressing fine until......

SoM circa 1997
SoM circa 1997 - 2002
Peter discovered he had absolutely no creative writing skills. It took an average of 4 hours to write a each new spell, so not many of those 300 spells were originally added. Over the years the desire to develop the website further would strike, and a few more spells would be added, but content growth was slow.

By 2002 a new but similar website design was created to help support some additional content; like our good friend Mora who works tirelessly at answering your questions, or general information pages which did not fit nicely into the multi-level spell hierarchy. And slowly, more spells were added to the site.

SoM circa 2002
SoM circa 2002 - 2007
By 2006, the site had only around 50 spells / articles, but was surprisingly popular with search engines. A new professional opportunity presented itself to Peter and he had to decide what to do with the website. He decided to turn it into a community site and so created the ability for the public to create profiles and add content to the site.

A new website layout was developed, throwing away the old book layout for a more traditional look and feel. As people joined and began using the site, Peter took the opportunity to write his own live chat system, forum software and all the other features you can find today on the site. And the site flourished. Members joined in swarms and content exploded.

As the site grew, a group of concerned members approached Peter in 2007 with an issue. There was a lot of 'fluff', or nonsense on the website added by younger and more immature members. A solution was developed where knowledgable members could become moderators and help moderate the content of the site.

SoM circa 2007
SoM circa 2007 - 2010
SoM circa 2010
SoM circa 2010 - 2018
SoM circa 2018
SoM circa 2018+
Over the years the site has continued to grow and develop. It is maintained by a group of administrators, moderators, publishers and editors. Most with long histories and experiences with the topics discussed and explored on Spells of Magic today.

Our People


aka: Peter Sadlon

Peter is a software developer, receiving his BSc in Computer Science from the University of Calgary in 2000 after cramming a 4 year degree into 6 years. He was inspired to create SoM after an online game he developed, Merentha, was bombarded by web traffic of people looking for magic spells. Professionally he is a software developer, developing applications used in a wide range of industries from oil and gas to charitable organizations. His passion in tech revolving around database efficiency and optimization.


aka: Carol

Lark has been a practicing Wiccan since 1980. Working as a solitary for 10 years, she then joinedI the Oak, Ash, and Thorn Tradition of Wicca beginning in 1990, and received her Third Degree from OATh at Samhain 1996. At Yule 1996 she founded her own coven of Tangled Moon with her husband and ran it until we closed its doors at Midsummer 2008. Lark is now the High Priestess of the Oak, Ash, and Thorn Tradition. After leaving Tangled Moon, Lark began training with a traditional Gardnerian coven. Lark received her Gardnerian Third Degree in 2013.

Lark studied at Cherry Hill Seminary and received her Master of Divinity degree in Pagan Pastoral Counseling. In 2014. She now teaches at Cherry Hill in both the Military Chaplaincy and the Community Ministry programs.

Lark is currently the Priestess of Magical Knights Coven and has contributed a number of articles on the subject of Wicca over the many years she has been part of Spells of Magic.


Moderator / Publisher
aka: Angel S.

Angel has been a student and practitioner of the occult for 18 years. She has led a few study groups on magical practice and the occult both online and in her home in the Mountain State of WV. She is a self-taught crystal healer, and uses crystals in combination with color therapy and aromatherapy to help heal and balance the body's energy centers and promote spiritual well-being. She is also a sensitive that has worked on several cases where spirits need to be removed from spaces and helped to cross over. Her current and main area of focus in magic, at present, is Hedgecraft - natural magic and the use of herbs, crystals, and other natural objects for ritual and spellwork. However, she is also a Kitchen Witch and practitioner of Appalachian Folk Magic.


Moderator / Publisher
aka: Katie

Katie hails from a rural area along the Appalachian Trail in Penn's woods. Her love and understanding of plants and the natural world around us lead her to study Biology and Chemistry at UPJ. The use of essential oils and other forms of healing plants are a major part of Katie's life as she utilizes them in her daily activities. She has studied natural medicine and holistic healing techniques for over 20 years. Not only to help benefit her own life, but also to aid those around her. She currently works part time as an old fashioned soda jerk and beverage maker (potion master) mixing up drinks made from all natural ingredients. As an experienced student and practitioner of the occult for over 25 years she has had many experiences both in solitary and group practice. Katie has participated for several years now in the East Coast version of the May Fire Alchemical Fire Circle and hopes to one day travel to the Vegas Vortex event held in New Mexico each spring. Katie manages the shop here on SoM and is always willing to answer any questions one may have. She has also provided a few links to aspects of her life you may find interesting;


Moderator / Publisher
aka: Cheyanne

Cheyanne has a background in both Fish and Wildlife Biology and Environmental Science. She values education and nature to a high degree: and spends time engaging in both. During the day she teaches biology at a local university, and in the afternoon she explores nature and works to further her spiritual path. She has been a practicing Heathen for over 10 years. Most of her spirituality revolves around honoring the Landvaettir and a handful of deities, though she studies altered state of consciousness and seidhr as well.