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Name: Petrarca
Birthday: Feb 21
Location: Alberta, CA
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 30 May 2024

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Coven Title: Admin
Position: Publisher
Authority: Administrator

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Petrarca is the website administrator. Any new features are added by him. You should contact him if you find ANY problems with the website.

If you need help with casting or magic in general please look in the forums and ask questions there.

Questions about spell casting sent here will be ignored.

I am usually very busy and do not have time to answer every message I receive. Over 100 people signup each day to the website. Understand that with my limited time available to admin this website I would rather fix bugs, add features and make the website more useful to more people.

If I do not reply to your message within 1 day assume the answer is NO. I have no tolerance for those who would waste my time, asking me questions about something which is clearly documented on the website is the quickest way for you to lose your membership.