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Anubis is my patron god and comes to me in my dreams. Sometimes I wish I knew what they mean...
First off lets just say I see, hear, and talk to things this has been happening since I was 9
I could see shadows and they would try to get my attention. They would steal things, tug my arm, or shout at me. At first I thought I was going insane it wasn't until I was about 14 when I met my first physical entity. I could see him clear as day he was slim, wpre blacl skinny jeans, black hair, melting blue eyes, and a purple plaid shirt. Several people said I made it up but when I told an old friend of mine who I met through facebook he told me it was his brother. I learned that his brother was crossing a bridge when he got into a fatel car accident and he drowned. He told me his namw bit I forgot so I ended up calling him Daemon. He became my close friend if someone hurt me he would haunt them or scare them and would return to me.
I dream a lot of some of which has came true some of which is unexplaned and not sure of whom to ask.
Another close friend of mine (in real life) said I have a special gift and I need to use it carefully and wisely. It may hurt someone I dont want to be hurt. But thats all he told me.
I'm not sure what to think all I know my dreams are becoming more and more vivid and my lucid dreams are strong.
I love to make friends and talk to people If you have any questions please shoot me a message. If you think you can answer one of my dream answers then message me and I will surely tell you :)
Still learning and trying something new everyday
Also, please don't ask me if I can curse someone for you, I'm not going to, too dangerous, if it backfires it could cause danger to me, you, and the person trying to have a hex on them. You can how ever ask questions, I'll answer to my best ability.
Please note if you suffer from depression I can only talk to you, I cannot help you, if you need help, please contact the Suicide Hotline, just know you are not alone.
Need a inspirational quote? Message me with a tite quote, tell me what you need (inspirational, presidential, confidence, etc) and I will send you what I think best suites your needs :).
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If the link exspires, please message me.