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This article is about the concept and how to invoke your holistic spirit called the nigitama and aratama in the complex conjuration of Shikigami.


In the practice of Minzoku Shintoism there is a concept of the four spirits governed by a human soul that make up a persons spiritual being. This concept is the concept of human origin, which we will not get into today. Today we will be discussing the use of the human nigi (nigitama) and the human ara (aratama) in thr holistic rituals of shikigami summoning.

What is tama?

Tama is the Japanese word for ball or jewel. Essential in Minzoku Shinto it is the belief that the spirit or soul of a being (person, plant, animal, or aspect in nature) can take the form of a orb, ball, or esoteric jewel.?


Nigitama is the divine benevolence of a being and is "said to be a blue color". It is the part of a being with objective justice and righteous beliefs, as well as other positive qualities that are utterly?beneficial to all enlightened beings.


The malicious side of a being "said to be red, black, or some culturally scary color" (who knows).

Summoning a shikigami?

Shikigami are summoned from the spirit of a person in the form of a animal, plant, human, divine natural force, or some combination of hybrid. They are conjured beings through ceremony/ritual.

Ritual to summon a Shikigami

A ceremony to conjure and bind the conjured shikigami to you.


  • White ceramic bowl
  • petition paper (blank white in color/ square shaped)
  • Black or Red ink
  • Olive oil (3 drops)
  • Athame


  • "I call upon thy shikigami, in the name of me. For I am the one and only being with power above and over you. You belong to me. Oh, shikigami, take the form of (__________). And Come forth from my talisman of paper, may it be your spirit. May your bones and innards be the ink. Appear before?me and only me."


  1. Write in ink on the petition paper your name. Then flip it over and draw a pentacle.?
  2. Anoint petition in olive oil (3 drops) place in white ceramic bowl
  3. Draw a pentagram over the bowl in the air using an athame
  4. Recite incantation while looking into the petition paper.


You should feel a presence in some shape form or way native to you and your beliefs. The shikigami is from you and is apart of you. You must feed your shikigami the spirit of offerings (Usually will like what you think it will like). The petition paper is the home of the shikigami, but the shikigami can be transferred to a different vessel or your body even spirit. This can occur by using to fingers and your will by drawing a pentagram over a object, person, or animal in the air and willing the spirit to enter.

Shikigami only gain the correspondences of the form it was instructed to take in the incantation. For example you made it a cat, it would have aspects of cat. Shikigami can only take the form of things in nature such as animals, plants, people, objects in nature (water, stones, etc) and forces of nature.

(I'm sorry but You Can Not Make a Pokemon, or Character outside of nature or reality)




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Jun 27, 2022
what do you summon this for exactly and what does it do for far as feeding ..if i asked it take shape of a cat would it enter my cat??? or i would see a shape of a cat around and then again how do i feed,,..real food or

Jul 23, 2023
will any other oil work other than olive oil?

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