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Black Cross is a coven for those who wish to take an alternate look at things. Here we teach something this site has been missing, we teach the usual, but we also teach what many refer to as "the dark arts" and the teachings of the Left Hand Path. We currently have over 100 pages of information from Christian Witchcraft to Demonology. We are not a coven which welcomes role-playing nor disrespect. We are a coven of magick not conspiracy theories. We accept all whom are tolerant regardless of race, gender, religion, creed, ability or disability.

Please leave your ego at the door. We do have members of the transgender and LGBT community, in this coven and we ask you to provide them the same respect others are given.

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We are a coven of knowledge, we have a plethora of information and have very intelligent council members who are ready and able to take care of training and/or any situations.

We do not tolerate role-players or lunatics thinking Magick is like that which Hollywood portrays. We exist for providing a new perspective and outlook on the dark arts, the Left Hand Path and the forms of Magick and Occult which are generally kept under tight wraps. Our coven is for magick not conspiracy theories.

We are a coven which extends its reach unto all aspects of the Arcane from angels to demons, however we have added other aspects which are considered to be "too dark" or even "forbidden" in most magickal areas. Such arts include Demonology, Chaos, Satanism,Shadow Magick, Voodoo/hoodoo, Necromancy, Summonings, Banishings, Self Empowerment, Binding Magick, Blood magick & contracts, Curse/Hex, Advanced Spellcraft,Spiritual Vampyrism and werewolf paths (do not say you are a werewolf, it's a path in Satanism you are human), OtherKin, and other things which may fall into those categories. If the above interests you, this is the place for you. Yes, we still teach what we have been teaching for some time as well, such as Astrology, divination (tarot/runes/numerology), kitchen Witchery, Shamanism, Aura usage, Herbalism, Energy Manipulation, Astral Projection,Shape shifting Via astral not physical , living the pagan life style,foundations, Meditation etc., so don't worry. In addition to above, we have a thread for our older practitioners to give resources, knowledge and support for those raising children in the old arts with tips about fitting into the main stream, dealing with public schools, and your rights under the constitution regarding religious freedom. We have also added a thread for people that have real world covens/orders/churches/ temples etc. so they can discuss how they formed, what fund raisers they use and things that did or did not work for them. Please read the rules that apply to that thread. Failure to follow the rules could result in your post being deleted and you being kicked out the coven.

We welcome and accept you if you are intelligent and respectful. We do not waste our time with criticism, judgmental-ism, close mindedness or cyber-bullying. There will be no racial or homophobic remarks in coven chat or forum. If you have an issue with someone, take it up with them, if it becomes too large of an issue, take it to the Priestess. If you feel you must settle it then settle it in your own way, but do not under any circumstances have a long drawn out dissertation for the world to see, for words mean nothing, actions do. After knowing all of this, if you wish to join this coven, click on the link and your bio will be looked at. Sending the Priestess an e mail stating why you want to join, your age and experience level is a plus. You must have a pic or avatar on your profile, but we give people time if you let us know your having trouble with it. Thank you for your time, enjoy the family.




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