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Welcome to Magical Beings Working Alone

Our Coven is dedicated to teach you the art of Magic. In this coven, you will not only be a student or a teacher, you will be a member of this ever-growing family.

More about Magical Beings Working Alone

--The coven is currently under construction--

Why should I join?
We are looking to bring in members that help us create a family atmosphere. A place where we can share our experiences with not only magick but situations we are going through in our lives as well. We are looking for people who are willing to help and guide members through their experiences. As our coven grows, we will look to expanding different member interactive activities.

What should I expect once I join the coven?

~A cozy family!
In our coven, we treat everyone like family. Don't be shy and talk with us! Participate in our coven chat and forums. Get to know the rest of our members. Only this way you will get the most out of our coven.

~Answers to your questions!
I am sure you have questions. Everyone does! In our coven, you will have the chance to find the answers you seek just by asking either in our coven chat and coven forums! If you see that you can't get an answer in the chatter, make sure to post in the forums so that any member of our coven can share their opinion at any time. If you still get no good answer, we can arrange a meeting so we all work on finding the answer to one more of the wondrous mysteries of our world!

~Many lessons and live classes!
Once our coven has grown, we will bring back the live lessons and other member interactive activities


You are to READ and follow what is asked or you will not get in the coven Thank you for your time

We are accepting applications on an individual basis'. Please be sure to have a picture and bio on your profile BEFORE applying.

Your application is required to have the following questions answered if you FAIL to do so your application will be REJECTED We ask you send it to both the Priest and Priestess so if one is not on, the other will still be able to look over your message. Don't forget to actually apply to the coven. This button is located at the top of the coven page.

  1. Why have you chosen to join MBWA
  2. How old you are You must be at least 13 years old to apply. That is the age you are required to be when you join the site.
  3. You're welcome to add anything else about yourself that you feel is important to tell us

If you are accepted you will be expected to participate in coven chat, quizzes, discussion questions, coven projects and do at least one post a week in coven forum.



~~The Immortal's Keep~~
*High Priest - earthlight
*High Priestess - Artindark

~All respect will be given to their leaders as well as their members.~

Thank you,


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