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"The Goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent, to create men who are capable of doing new things." - Jean Piaget
More about The Air Element

Who We Are:

The Air Element. A coven named after a boundless element, soaring above the ground below, filling everything with life, exploring every shadow, and embracing in the warmth of the light. This Coven fell into a bout of inactivity for a very long while but the goal is to slowly but surely build the coven back up into a lively place of study.

What we will be offering:

Air is in nature, boundless and free. Therefore we will be eventually offering classes upon as much as we possibly can once the Air Element is back soaring high above the ground. This will be revised and edited once there are four or more active council members, and a newly established High Priestess.

Requirements to Join:

  • Profile Picture
  • Bio filled out to a small degree
  • 13 years of age or older


First up, YOU MUST HIT THE APPLY BUTTON at the top of this page, AND send in an application, which will be listed below. You will answer the questions and send them to Enigmawolf. Your application will be noted and then reviewed in a timely manner. If you are adamant about joining then you shouldn't care about the waiting of two to three days. If you hit apply and DO NOT send in an application, you will be rejected until you complete both requirements.

Application Questions:

  • What is Magic to you?

  • How active can you be on a day-to-day basis?

  • Do you have a Path or Practice yet? If you do what is it? How long have you done it for? (It is okay if you don't have one yet )

  • Do you have any previous experience as a practitioner?

  • Why do you wish to join?

  • Are you willing to put time and effort into helping the Air Element back soaring?

  • And lastly, to make sure you really are reading this, and actually want to apply, Tell us your favorite color or book.


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