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'Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.'

~Anne Frank

More about The Legion of Light and Dark

The Legion of Light and Dark is currently under construction!

We accept members of all walks and experience levels. With over 180 spells and 50 rituals there's something here for everyone! We are currently looking for content creators to get the ball rolling so if you have something to say we want to hear it!

If participation in a coven growing from the ground up interests you;join us! Well be starting with Lunar observance, bi-weekly themed discussions and Sabbat celebration then growing and expanding as the coven and members do.

The overarching goal of The Legion of Light and Dark is to create a group of practitioners, often with differing views, beliefs and skill sets, who all agree that through discussion we will reach unity and enlightenment. We want to foster an environment of belonging, growth, learning and close friendship.

We believe that a healthy dose of light and dark is what it takes to become whole or balanced. Were not here to force you down one path or another but rather, give you an environment where you can learn about what you wish free of judgement. How can you orient yourself in this world if you only know one face of the coin? It is our goal to help members find their true alignment through discussion and exploration of varying paths. Therefore, we accept members from all walks, areas and levels of expertise.

Any and all questions should be directed to the Priestess.

Some of the coven activities you can expect at this time are:

-Themed Discussions on a wide range of topics

-New and Full Moon observance

-Sabbat celebrations

As the coven grows you can expect:

-access to the discord

-group meditations (guided and silent)

-group spell casting

-games and movie nights

We ask members to be active in the coven forums at least monthly even if just to say hi in the activity thread. Members who are continuously absent may be asked to reconsider their commitment. Those who wish to leave the coven may do so without fear of repercussion: All we ask is that an explanation is provided.

If you're interested in joining please hit the apply button and send the Priestess the following information:

1. What do you wish to gain from being in a coven?

2. Do you align as light, dark, neither or both?

3. What made you interested in witchcraft?

4. What are some topics you are interested in learning?

5. What topics do you wish to share? (if none just put none)

6. Do you have a history on SoM? Any previous accounts?

7. Make sure you have a bio and image on your profile. (Applications that do not have this will be automatically declined.)

You can say a lot or a little, it's up to you!


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