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Name: MichielT
Location: Belgium
Gender: Male
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Hi! So i am michiel and I live in Belgium (so if I made any mistakes, English is just my 3th language so now you know ;) )
thx for visiting my profile btw ^^
I play the guitar and sing in a blues/poprock/hardrockband , I smoke way too much and my friends mean the world to me =D
Im almost 18 years old and I'm studying magic for a while now. The types I use often are
-kundalini (pyrokinesis, chronokinesis,..)
-chi/ki energy
-understanding the chakras and keep them balanced
-using ki energy as a way to defend myself
Let's make clear I'm not interested in becoming a vampire and stuff. I'm a christian wicca* and I will never use magic to kill or seriously harm somebody. However in difficult times the temptation becomes pretty huge, I search the answers in my deepest self and my spirit guide :)
*being a christian does not mean I don't respect other religions as Wicca and Buddhism! :D
Mostly I use 'real magic spells' for others.
I'm not a master in magic but I love to learn! :)

if you have problems and you're looking for a way to solve it, then do not immediatly look for a spell to solve it, but try to make time heal the problems... I've learned that lately (=
I love making friends so I don't care how you look like what gender you are (I'm not gay, just to mention) where you live,... everbody deserves a chance and meeting new people makes life more interesting doesn't it? =D
dreaming is sometimes better than living a dream, because if you're living in your dream then you have nothing to dream of anymore...

Ps feel free to ask questions and I'll try to help
but the past taught me not to mess with black magic so no questions about that please :)