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Name: firewitch69
Location: Wherever life takes me
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 08 Apr 2024
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Hello and welcome to my profile. I'm not much of a social person, but I'm trying to be...
-Follow most of the Greek deities (such as Zeus,Hecate,Ares,etc)and a handful of Egyptian deities as well (Anubis,Isis,you get the picture)
-Believe in ghosts and some other stuff (but not everything)
-I believe that the human race should could do better taking care of the planet,of Mother Earth and that we can still save this world and the human race from our own self-destruction.
-I believe in other realms out there besides our own.
Do's and Don'ts:
-If you message me,do tell me why. I don't want a bunch of junk mail in my box.(Seriously,it would get annoying quick!)
-Don't ask me for my name, age, location, etc. (I won't tell just anybody!)
-Don't mess with me, friends or family.
-Don't flirt with me! I do not do online dating.
-Don't ask me for spells or to teach.(I hardly ever make my own magic!)I might put stuff on here from time to time.
Last Profile Update:June 16th,2020
About me:
-I'm self-taught,a solitary witch and I'm a lone-wolf in general.
-I can be a really nice girl if you don't anger me,so don't make
me mad,ok?
Thanks for viewing my profile, feel me to message me! I might respond if I have enough time.
The rest is just copied and pasted stuff.
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