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Name: Kaurora
Birthday: May 9 1980
Location: Maine
Gender: Female
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To stick your hand into the river is to feel the cords that bind the earth together in one piece. ~Barry Lopez

I work with shaman healing methods-using herbal remedies and healing plants. I promote resolving basic aliments with natural herbs, elixirs and potions. At around 9 years of age I started understanding my gift in sensing and knowing pregnancies prior to them being known. This has developed over time and in 2013 I met a medium by chance, that helped explain more of my strange ability and that with practice it can expand further into the realm of the deceased. I started communicating with spirits that have passed-although this area I am still learning how to understand the messages I get and I am not able to contact someone specifically, rather they contact me.

My biggest strength is working with fertility goddesses.(Ixchel specifically) I have a close relationship with Ixchel and adore her generous nature. I have worked with her since 1994 when I first made the journey to Isla Mujeres, but only specifically started aiding others in fertility issues recently.

I have been working with crystals and crystal grids since 2017. I live in an area where mining your own gems is as simple as going for a walk in your backyard. I do a lot of mining and sifting which has yielded many rock specimens but also a deeper connection to the earth and nature surrounding the gems I find.

I consider myself more of a shaman than anything else. I do not have a set path of study but feel a deep connection to nature, feeling the history of what has transpired within the very ground.

I work in law enforcement/corrections and have a lengthycareer in human services. I also run a bakery more so for the pure enjoyment of baking which is therapy for me. I am also a published fictional author and have several books available on amazon.