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Name: innersoul
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This is my new account since my old one got gagged, It was "War_angel", so if you were friends with me on that account, then add me as a friend on this account. About me: I specialize in soul magic, it is magic that revolves around the soul and it is or was family magic, I also use energy manipulation. I don't really use actual spells, but rather free-form magic, I will not cast spells for people, My spirit animal is a fox I dream often of tranquility or peace I'm interested in my family magic, energy manipulation,mythology and a few other things When I'm bored, I often write poetry I've had around 7 to 9 years experience of magic, I was drawn to magic at a young age due to being sensitive to magic at a young age, while I do not follow any specific path, I will respect people who do I am an empath and techno empath, I say techno empath as I can somehow feel emotions through technology. My opinion of the elements. Water represents the life flowing us, the passage of time as if a river flows to the end, like any element, it can be used for destruction or creation, it can heal people, or it can destroy mountains. Fire is like a burning light, it can bring hope to those who need it, it is the life of yourself, the light may also represent your love life, on another note it can represent anger and rage. Wind is wild and uncontrolled, it represent the wild and freedom, it can also represent the emptiness people may fell from time to time. it represents change that may follow. earth represent the bodies that exist for us, stagnation as it may never move on. It is unchanging, it is the solitude that we seek. When it comes to soul magic, I would like to think I know more than most and are willing to help problems related to the soul for the most part.