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Name: White.Rabbit
Birthday: Dec 16
Location: Down the rabbit hole...
Gender: Female
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~Hello and welcome to my bio~

Please, call me Rabbit if you want to shorten my name :)

A few things to please keep in mind. I do not do tarot or any divination readings for people on this site, unless I feel it is something that is important and in most every case I will go to the person myself. Unless you know me, please do not ask for readings of any sort. I do not have the time to do a reading for every person that contacts me, so I am selective. I also do not cast spells for other people, and I will not tolerate any role playing.

Please, if you want to mail me, do so with a subject in mind. If your mail does not have a subject to it I most likely will not answer.

Google is your best friend, trust me.

I am married for 23 years to a wonderful man that I love dearly. I am proud of that considering what we went through to get to where we are now.

I believe that the future is malleable and impermanent until it becomes the past.

I also work hard to remember that all magick makes ripples; cause and effect, whether positive or negative, inwardly or outwardly, whether you can perceive the ripples or not, they are there.

The Magick side:

I've done work through trance states when called for, and have moved through and worked with various meditations, visualizations, and energy workings. I've had premonitions and can see/feel things like auras, spirits and other various energies. I've been working with magick in one way or another for close to three decades.

Things I Practice/Study:
-Crystal work
-Hexes and Curses
-Knot work
-Trance states
-Outer Body Experiences (OBEs)
-Creating/Using tools like my pendulum, my black scrying mirror, etc
-Crystal grids
-Various rituals(LBRP, I also perform rituals that I've written myself)
-Spirit Work
-Deity Work

(my old account was TempestQueen)