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Name: RavenStorm6
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Alright, bio revamp time!!
Since my last update:
-I have studied a ton of Herbalism and herbal remedies,and while I still have a ton to learn, but I have enough for a section on it in my grimoire, and have even gotten to apply some of it!
-I have moved up to creating my own spells again, this time with much more success!
-While I still have trouble with Sabbat and moon phase coordination, I have been getting better at incorporating witchcraft into day to day life
-My style has morphed into a mashup form of hedge witch druidry, with some influence of German and Norse traditions, but lots of Celtic influence!
-On that note, I have pieced together a set of things to do for each Sabbat, and while I do things that do celebrate certain gods and goddesses (like making Brigid's crosses, for example), I don't worship them in the traditional sense, and I don't incorporate them into spellwork either
-All in all, I am happy to be back on the witchcraft horse, and I look forward to everything more I have to learn!