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Name: Yugen
Birthday: Feb 10 2000
Location: Missouri
Gender: Male
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-I'm a practicing hedgewitch, have been for about 6 years now. -My matron goddess is Nyx(Greek) and my patron is Odin(Norse) [I know most people prefer not to mix pantheons but my patrons work together very well] -Currently attempting to work with runes. -Also a Claire Empath -I focus mainly on 'herbal alchemy', making charms, Talking to various plant spirits, "witchy walks", cleansing spells/chants/mantras,divination (Tarot cards, Phoenix cards, Tea leaves, and trying to with runes),and of course Hedgeriding!. -I'm a pretty easy person to get along with and I know a good amount about what I practice. Im still always looking to learn more though. -Feel free to message me about anything, I love meeting new people.