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Name: Sherisa
Birthday: Jun 25 1974
Location: Nebraska
Gender: Female
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Hello to all, my name is Sherissa. I have been studying and exploring this side of me since my mother told me that strong magicks have run thru the women in our family for generations. I was very young when I found this out and didn't know their were place like this site that I could find help and answers. It wasn't until recently that I found this site. I have always known that I was different from my peers and even my own family. My mother only shared her horror stories when I would ask questions, so I grew up learning g manage my more peculiar side by myself. I must tote my own horn and say I never caused harm to others or myself. So finding this site was a happy discovery. I hope to share what I have learned and learn a whole lot more about myself. Thank you all for coming together in one place and welcoming others like me! Blessed Be!