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Name: Weide
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Merry Meet and welcome to my profile!

On this platform, I go by Weide, and I consider myself as an Eclectic Baltic Pagan with three years of practice. My focus lies more in divination rather than working with spells. I engage in tarot and pendulum readings, work with the Moon's energy, incorporate nature and its elements, and explore auras. Although I don't perform spells, I firmly believe in the magick of herbs, given their proven efficacy in medicine. Additionally, I could also describe myself as a kitchen witch, as I love cooking and infusing it with good intentions.

I'm happy to help you out with any questions you may encounter, so feel free to send me a message as I'm active here every day.

Please note that I won't be answering to "is this going to work" - if the spell isn't physically possible in this world, it may or may not work. You have to try and see it for yourself.

Blessed be!

Updated 16/12/23