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Original Post:
by: SwEeTmAdNeS on Apr 16, 2014

Is there a reason some (er...most) spells don't work for me? I think its just the spells I use, the ones that only require you to say the spell but doesn't involve any ingredients, but even the ones that do involve ingredients (like candles, etc.) don't work. So does it mean I'm like doing the spell wrong or is it just my magical abilities or something??

Cuz I kinda believe this stuff is possible but most of it just seems far- fetched, like Body Switching or Mermaid spells. Are any of those things possible?? I mean I want to believe but I've never actually heard of any of it happening. So there's doubt in my mind, I just want to believe it. And I want to know why my spells don't work.

Can someone help?