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Original Post:
by: SlavaU on Jul 11, 2022

As i said i am going to start some blogging here. But i have an issue, i cant download pictures, or draw, or write with runes here. So for now i will start with some basics runes combinations, not only because that is only available option for me=), but also i don't know what are your interests here, since i can find tones of information on slavic languages, but so little on English, so your comments will help me a lot to understand where to start, all runes will be written by names. Any way feel free to ask me, or correct my English=)

So first, find one combination here.

1. For Money : Fehu + Odal
2. For pregnancy : Kenaz +Ingvaz(Inguz) or Kenaz + Berkano or Kenaz + Hagalaz.
3. For Sexual harmony : Gebo + Pertro
4. For protection against infection : Gebo + Pertro.
5. For good news : Wunio + Ansuz.
6. For protection in journey : Wunio + Raido or Wunio + Ehwaz.
7. For Luck and Victory : Hagalaz + Pertro
8. For Success in every beginning : Hagalaz + Fehu or Hagalaz + jera.
9. For fast recovery : Nautiz + Kenaz.
10. For Sudden Victory : Pertro + Wunio.
11. For Profit (in business) : Pertro + Gebo.
12. For Maximum sexual satisfaction : Pertro + Uruz or Pertro + kenaz or Pertro Berkano.
13. For sexual hurmony of partners : Pertro + Wunio or Pertro + Teiwaz or Pertro + Laguz.
14 For Help in creativity : Algiz + Kenaz.
15. For Well-Being in life : Souwilo + Fehu or Souwilo + Odal.
16. For Successful Final of long battle : Teiwaz + Uruz or Teiwaz + Souwilo.
17. For Creating long love relationship : Teiwaz + Wunio.
18. For joy in journey : Teiwaz + Wunio.
19. For Magical Gift : Mannaz + Pertro or Mannaz + laguz. ( use wise, better with help and offering for Gods)
20. For close family ties : Ehwaz + Berkano.
21. For intercessection of powerful Forces : Ehwaz + Mannaz.
22. For to the newborn : Inguz + Berkano.
23. For new love : Inguz + Gebo.
24. For vocation : Dagaz + Hagalaz.
25. For success in buisnes : Dagaz + Mannaz

Now how to use them. Chose, as we call it, carrier. It can be your hand, leg, paper, wood or anything els. I suggest you to start with your hand. First if you attract something use your hand that takes, opposite hand for opposite purpose.
How to activate them when they are already written on your hand. You can use my example text if you want:
"With the power of the Runes, I ask this combinations of Runes, to (...) to me. This Combination of Runes work withought any harm to me and for everyone close to me. This combination of Runes activate right now and will stop their work after I wash them off gratefully."

Some magicians create very complicated text for some complicated spells and sometimes< if it is black magic spell, their words are even harder to remove than the spell=) But since the spells are very simple, text can be also simple=) but if you fell you want to add some thing in the text, do it, like " withought any harm to me, to my property, to my health, to my friendly spirits" an so on and on.
How to deactivate them, already in the text. Just say "I thank the runes for their work and wash them off with gratitude" and also thank Gods, if you worked with them.

If you beginner it will be very usefully if u will explain the work of every rune in combination.
For example: "5. For good news : Wunio + Ansuz." WUnio is rune of joy, and Ansuz is Rune of Odin, Rune of knowledge and wisdom. So Wunio bring happiness and Ansuz bring news, and together they bring good news.
Or "3. For Sexual harmony : Gebo + Pertro" : where Gebo is Rune of Balance and pertro represent the power of sexual energy. Gebo brings Balance and Pertro brings energy sexual, and together they bring harmony in sex.

If you want even more practice =), do this. When you gonna activate them use every each Rune.
14. For Help in creativity : Algiz + Kenaz.
"With the power of the Runes, I ask Algiz and Kenaz, to bring me help in creativity. Where Algiz will bring help for me, for my creativity that represented by kenaz..."

Always be grateful To Runes and Gods, Stay Loyal an Good Luck!