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Original Post:
by: Samhainborn on Sep 04, 2023

Hello, new friends :) I'm a 30 y/o male currently in Florida who has been a seeker most of my life. I have met Wiccans, and Natives, along with many people of many different paths, all who have shared some bit of wisdom with me, though I've yet to really find myself and the right path for me. I have some experience interpreting the Tarot (though it's been years), and I enjoy a good smudge. But there are many things I am still ignorant of. One thing particularly that has been on my mind lately is that it has been spoken of me by many seers over the years that I am experiencing some type of block. I had gifts when I was younger that went away as I got older. Let me explain. I was born on Samhain. The day when the veil between the world of the living and the one beyond is at its thinest. In fact I had no heart, brain or lung activity for quite some time and had to be put on machines. I drew my first breath exactly one minute after the start of what many call the "witching hour" it has been said to me that this gave me a connection to the other side. Indeed I remember my first "imaginary friend" terrified me. I later lost the vision in my right eye. I was told that though one form of sight had been limited, another had been opened. I used to see auras, I think. Or at least my family tell me that when I was younger I would refer to someone as a color. "He's red today" or "why is she so blue?" I apparently also had a knack for guessing how certain situations would play out. When asked how I knew, I would say "I saw it coming" But I guess along the way, these gifts began to get repressed, along with my memory of them. Can anyone help me discover a way to re-awaken them and put them to proper use?