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Original Post:
by: Untold_is_gay on Nov 04, 2010

I got some mail from some of the members here about circles. So for those who don't know much about them can read this.

Circles is like a key element on getting to know yourself better and unlocking doors. You can cast one when you are meding, doing a spell, getting a group of people to celebrate Sabbats, or more. Another thing about them is that not many sites or books teach them very well. When I was just starting out I was trying to read and understand this site about circles. It didn't make any sense to me really. Until I started to do some deeper research on how to do one is when I really understood it, but I had to take parts from books, sites, and people... That to me sounded like too much work after I was done.

The Idea of the circle is creating your own space. I am not talking about your room, but your own dimension of thought. When you finish closing off that circle and sit down. You will feel only yourself (if you have people in it too you'll feel them as well). This is like trying to med too, but it is also different from it. Med is you having to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts and calm down when you enter your mind. A circle is your own space which calms you down and clears your mind for you. You can also add two to two to create a easy going med. Also the circle is like a barrier! It protects you from bad vibes and other peoples thoughts. If you use salt (even if you use chalk or something else you need salt to purify the circle) it should clean out the bad vibes.

So after learning that fact (it is a summery trust me, clean and simple) you can have a better grab in doing on yourself. But before that you need to have a place where no one will bother you. You can go into the woods, in your backyard at night or day, or even in your room is fine (if your still young and your parents don't know about you being a wicca or what not, then you might be limited to your own room and the woods. When in your room always have a back up plan.). But how do you create this circle? Is it just out of energy or do I draw it? That is a good question. You can use your own energy, but if your new and don't know how then you can not. I rather use chalk when outside or salt. Yes you draw a circle with them, it doesn't matter too much if it is a good circle, as long as your not making ovals your good.

If you want to make a good circle then here is a trick you can do. Stand in the place you want to be a circle. Get a bowl of salt and stick your arm away from you (like your punching someone). Then be sure your arm is straight and let go some of the salt at the time and turn your body counter-clockwise (Be sure to stop when your hand is empty with salt and grab some more in the bowl in your other hand and start again). You can close it but once you do you can not leave until your down and no one else can enter. If you do have a group and they are not inside yet then complete most of it but leave a opening for them to walk in then close it. With chalk you can do so much more. You can have detailed circles for a more stronger circle.

If your new to this and trying to do it on your own it is going to be hard to keep the circle stable. So I suggest getting 3 small bowls, candle, water, and Incense. You already have the bowl of salt, that is going to be counted as Earth. With this you have to know which way is North, so get ask your parents or you can make your own by searching online. Once you know which way is North you can start. The salt bowl will be on the line of the circle facing North. The bowl of water will be placed on the line of the circle facing West (that is to your left so face north and look on your left). East is the Incense, it doesn't matter for now but I rather use sage if you have any, on the line of the circle. And then the candle (but be lit) on South on the line of the circle. For now have a white candle. You can change the color when you want to do a circle for something else.

Once you have it all set up (be careful of the fire! If it is too small then try to make it bigger or face the fire). You can set down and face either your element or just sit. Then close your eyes, let yourself be calm and cool. Think only about yourself and what is within the circle. After so or so minutes ask yourself a question. It could be something you thought ahead of time or just right there in the moment. After asking it (out loud/whisper will be better then just thinking it) you can pause and say the answer. For example my question could be, "What do I want to gain by the end of the year?" with a follow up, "Helping people out." or "To be a better person." Understand?

Now the circles doesn't have to be used by asking a question. They can be used for other things as well. Like using it when you don't feel safe or to feel the element. Since it is winter I am willing to go outside and feel the energy of the cold winds.

Any questions will be nice.