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These rituals and articles have been added by the Coven of Gypsy Witchcraft. Questions or comments regarding anything on these pages should be directed toward them.

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  • Animal Totems
    How to find an animal totem.
  • Basic Circle Casting From The Gypsy Path
    This Ritual is a Circle Casting which calls upon the Gypsy Spirits to make a powerful circle!
  • Bright water recipe
    This is just a simple recipe for making your own Bright water.
  • Ceridwen
    Story about Ceridwen and her meaning.
  • Crystal Ball Gazing
    An introduction to scrying with a crystal ball
  • Crystal Ball Gazing
    More information
  • Earth Protection
    This is a Earth Protection Ritual Calling upon the Goddess Nyx!
  • Forgive and forget (members only)
    This is a spell for when you have really hit a brick wall with your parents and on-one can open their mouths without saying something nasty. You are totally hurt, they are fed up with you. Remember that in a situation like this neither you nor your parents are empowered - it???s likely you are all just playing out a game of pre-programmed reactions. The person who really has their personal power together is the one who stops behaving like a Terminator and turns back into a human being. This spell is a way for you to do this. However, it???s a fairly demanding three-part spell, that will require a strong commitment of time and focus - but it works! It???s also carried out over three phases of the moon: the waning moon, the waxing moon and the full moon. As you progress through the spell, you will notice things starting to improve, but the maximum positive impact will be felt around the full moon and onwards.
  • Full Moon Milk Bath magick recipe Info (members only)
    Magic ritual baths.
  • Gods and Goddesses
    An article on Hermes and what he means to other Gods and Goddesses.
  • Gypsy Fortune Telling
    This is the way Gypsy Tarot with normal playing Cards. This is how it was done in years past.
  • Gypsy Lore
    Gypsy History
  • Hidden Language!
    This is the Hidden Language in the Spiritual Underground!
  • Homemade Herb Drier and a Simple Herb Oil Infuser
    This is to build your own Herb drier and Herb oil infuser.
  • Incense
    A list of incense blends this list is very long but it is in alphabetical order
  • Invocation of Nyx
    This is the Invocation of the Triple Goddess
  • Memorial for a pet. (members only)
  • Moon Bath salts (members only)
    Magic ritual bath.
  • New Moon Milk Bath magick recipe Info (members only)
    Ritual Baths; Ritual purification
  • Oil Recipies
    This is a list of our recipies for oils
  • Prophetic Dream Incense
    This incense recipe is used fairly regularly by my family when we're looking for prophetic dreams, (note that if you struggle to remember your dreams naturally I would add a 1:1 ratio instead of a 1:2) - Brishen
  • Ritual of the Dark soul
    This ritual is to be done on a dark moon to rid yourself of fear and hurt.
  • The Blessings Ritual
    This ritual was done online
  • The Romany Culture and Language
  • Witch's Book Of Shadows and Journal
    This is information regarding a Witch's Book of Shadows and Magickal Journal
  • hekate invocation
    to honor hekate
  • uses for oils
    What they are used for:

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