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We are a group of mages from all walks of life. We work with the archangels and seek out a higher understanding of magick. WE ASK THAT YOU ARE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE since we do lots of Mind Altering states.

We are a group of light workers who do NOT believe in mixing or balance.

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***Please tell us your age, what type of magick you practice, and your expectations in our coven*** Love and light.

Many of us are in a worldwide search for the right spiritual blend. We may have grown up in one religion and moved on to others as adults. Every day we must consciously seek to better ourselves, our country and our planet. Each of us must discover our own truths and bring our own divinity into our own life.

Working with angels will change your life. It changed ours! Their influence and positive energy will pull you forward into your spiritual pursuits; as well as teach you how to handle the difficulties in all your daily life. Those who practice magick with angels are doubly blessed, as they have one foot in both worlds whilst still maintaining their dignity and personal balance. It is up to all of us from every religion to learn to work together and bring forth harmony.

How do we do this? We do this by simply developing a relationship and asking our angels to assist us in finding our purpose in life. We teach and learn to take effective steps to bring you to your life mission. Think positively and get set yourself up for the experiences you want to draw towards yourself!

What do you want in life? Have you ever had those feelings of deja vu, feelings of not being alone (even though you are), have you had the brush of the angels wings sweep across you body or face, if no, really think back, they feel like cob webs on your body or hair that has fallen from your head, these are your angels trying to communicate with you. Did you know that angels want to help us, yet they cannot intervene in our lives unless we give them our permission, it is their law and rules!

This coven is dedicated to opening doors to broaden your life experiences and bringing you to a point in your life where happiness can be achieved. The ways of the angels are always there ready to greet you with open wings. We teach you ways on how to communicate, heal and develop your psychic abilities through the help of the angels.

we are an active teaching coven and ask that our existing members, and new members participate in the forum and in the chat.

BLANK APPLICANTS WILL BE IGNORED, all applications must have a picture on their profile page and a small introduction either about themselves or what they wish to achieve

Blessed be, and love and light. if your account is gagged then you will be removed from the coven our sister covens are Christian Wiccans Second Sight



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