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We forge our own paths and control our own destinies. We do not fear the darkness of the unknown. We are dark and divine beings, in our own right.
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~The Council of Earna~

The Council is a group of individuals that prides itself on creating an atmosphere of kinship and togetherness. We work to form bonds of friendship and support for our members. This is a safe haven where members can be themselves, without fear of ridicule.

We delve into the magic that many would consider Taboo. Where others falter and turn back from the darkness, we thrive and embrace it with open arms. We understand that there is power and beauty within the occult and we harness that power through spells and rituals; turning it toward personal advancement and enlightenment. We are a coven that predominately follows the left-hand path and its associated aspects, but we offer information on many other topics and areas of practice as well.

If you are searching for a serious place to be yourself, and discuss and share your practices, the Council of Earna is here for you!

~Topics & Information We Cover~

  • Basic Principles of Magic
  • Crystals & Herbs
  • Divination
  • Folk Magic & Folk Practices
  • Energy Vampyrism
  • Otherkin
  • Demonology
  • Astral Projection
  • Astrology
  • Blood Magic
  • Veil Trading
  • Spirits and Spiritwork
  • Trances and Altered States
  • Curse Weaving
  • Advanced Spells & Rituals
  • Wicca Information
  • Nature Magic & Healing Magic
  • Cleansings

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