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"I know at that moment what he's given me and it isn't a chair. It's an invitation, a welcome, the knowledge that I am accepted here. He hasn't given me a place to sit. He's given me a place to belong."

-Katja Millay

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Welcome to the Council of Knowledge!

A Bit About Us

We are a group of small but close knit folks who primarily focus on individual growth and familial interactions through our forums and chatter. Here, you'll find individuals with different beliefs, coming from all walks of life. This is a place where we share both our personal, acquired, and inherited wisdom. We are an open minded community and we encourage tolerance. We do not discriminate against any individual for their beliefs, relgion or other life preferences. We are all weird here. This is a place where you can be free to learn and grow in your own personal beliefs and interests. We embrace variety, and offer support, both in our members' magickal and spiritual paths, as well as in our own life journeys.

Interested In Joining Us?

We welcome those who are serious about their learning and membership to a coven. It is of utmost importance that all members participate in coven chat and forums while in CoK, this helps us get to know you, you to get to know us, and to enable us all to have varying opinions and points of view on topics.

If you are interested in joining us, please apply to the coven and send a message to both the priest and priestess detailing the following:

Who you are - Your name/nickname, Age (15+ required), Where you're from (If you feel comfortable answering this), Anything that helps us understand you better

What drew you to our coven - Did you have a dream of joining an awesome and epic coven? Was this in your prophecy? Or any other reason (We can be quite sarcastic here)

What you hope to learn and contribute to our coven - No need to exaggerate, a simple explanation will suffice.

Current/Previous affliations - This is a must. If applicable, please mention any previous usernames you've had and which coven(s) you're currently a part of.

Once we recieve your application, we will dicsuss it with our coven and respond to you within a week to inform you on whether or not you've been accepted. During this time, you're encouraged to interact with our members and your potential coven mates.


High Priestess Catnip.

High Priest AcidDrop


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