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Gypsy Witchcraft has been around for centuries. Considered as nomads and moving from place to place and using the craft and Fortune telling as a way to make money. Here we will learn the ways of the Old as they were handed down from generation to generation.
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In this coven we like to talk about everything old and new styles of magick, so do not be shocked if you see a big word just read the forum and find out what it means. The Roma have a long tradition of magick and shamanism that parallel with those of other traditional pagan cultures around the world. Spells, incantations, and talismans used within Roma culture, as well as the more practical magic they use in their interaction with the non-Gypsies provides the modern-day witch and fortune-teller with some very effective methods of fortune-telling which any witch or prospective psychic would do well to study. Many centuries in the past, Roma were Goddess-worshipers in Europe. Their goddess, Kali, was a trinity. Its symbol was a triangle. The male part was a God with horns. The similarities between the ancient belief of Roma and that of Wicca are obvious, but these beliefs were abandoned a long time by Roma. For centuries the Roma, as they are called today, but gypsies as they were known then traveled the world and carried a rich and unique culture with them. Their influence touched the world in so many ways that one can hardly begin to count the number of traditions that can be directly traced back to their ways. If you believe that Gypsy Witchcraft is for you, then please feel free to apply but please send me a private message so that I can know because I'm the one who accepts you its not auto thing like other covens, there are rules that I will post in our forum for you to read over and Please I wish to have a very respectable coven. We are a sister coven with the Path of the Shaman,Spirit Seers.



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