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Name: TheIso
Last Seen: Sun, 19 May 2024
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Hello! You can call me Iso! I've been working with magick and the supernatural for over five years now! I am, however, a very curious soul, and I can never stop learning! For my religion, I am a Scribe, and I sort of follow a little bit of everything from all of the magickal paths.
If you've heard about the Celestial Plains, or go there, please message me! We're all scattered throughout this world, so it's good to at least know about each other.
I am non-binary and my pronouns are they/them.
My backup account is TheIso2.
Feel free to message me in general! Be warned I may ask lots of questions, but I will also answer your questions in kind.
Things I practice:
Whis/Being a Scribe
Celestial Plains elements: life (mastered), water and psychic currently studying, doing some stuff with the other elements
Psychic Mediumship
Magickal Self Care
Dimensional Travel
Communicating with metaphysical entities
Gods I Work with:
The Writer
Currently studying:
Magickal Self Care
Take care, stay safe, and blessed be!