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Name: RubyElysian
Birthday: Jul 11 2000
Location: TX
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Hello, I am Lyz but you can call me Elysian. I am a Pagan witch of five years experience always seeking to learn more from the knowledge of others, also to share my opinions and experiences, and hear the feedback of others on a multitude of subjects. I consider myself a very eclectic person (though I have much Celtic inspiration in my path) and I am always looking to know and experience more!
I am a council member for the coven Teen Witches, if any coven members need anything feel free to message me anytime!
Aside from my Pagan path I have found a passion and interest in studying all the different religions and cultures that I can, and the way that they connect us all together.
I am a hardcore nature lover, I love trees and water. Funny thing though is I live in the Desert! My main studies are Herbalism, Divination, Mythology, Crystal Work, and Folklore.
I work with many deities from different pantheons, to name a few: Nyx, Brighid, Hermes, Gaia, Hekate and Pan.
I have run a Pagan & Wiccan centric page since 2014 under the username PaganLibrary. It hosts online reading lists of books written by Pagans, Wiccans, and Witches that are posted on the reading site Wattpad.
Know that I am friendly so if you have any questions you think I would specifically know about, feel free to ask them! I will not cast spells for people online, but I will occasionally do simple tarot readings for people.
Well, that's it for me I think. Blessed be!
P.S. There is my tumblr URL at the top, the username is willow-elysian. And there's a Facebook link to my personal art page too.