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Name: NorskMagic
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About me: *Survived cancer at the age of 5 *Blind *Likes reading *Always busy *Straight (although supports the LGBTQQIA+ Community) *Doesn't like discrimination or racist People Favourite animals: Dogs, Wolves, Horses, And Reindeer TV shows: Breaking bad, Doctor who,Modern Family,any dog training shows,bad education, American horror story Movies: Frozen and Frozen two,Descendants 1,2,and Wicked World,Descendants 3,In the Heights,Moulin rouge,Boolt,Togo, Wizard Of Oz, Enchanted (Haven't yet watched Disenchanted),Moana,Bolto,The Shrek Films, Reading: Harry Potter,The rose wood Chronicles (Do recommend). Wicked,hunger games, Doctor who books,Kika and me which is written by a bling guide dog user(high ley recommend) Favourite characters: Elsa from frozen, Luna,Hermione,Sirious and Remus from HP and more. Favourite musicals: Hamilton, Mean girls, Newsies, Ghost, Frozen the musical, In the Heights, The prom, Cats the musical, Wicked, BMC, bring it on the musical, Grease, Mama Mia, Finding Neverland. Harry Potter house:Hufflepuff Wand: Laurel wood,one unicorn hair,surprisingly swishy flexibility. Patronous: Piebald stalion Wattpad: I am a writer in Wattpad. Snap: I am in snap Discord: I am on discord Twitter: I am on Twitter Hashtags. #BlackLivesMatter #stoprapeRoleplays #LoveisLove #Racisimneedstostop #Transohobianeedstostop #Nobullying #Endbullying #Laterhsters #Diversitymatters Quote: #Do you want to build a snowman?" Anna-Frozen "You saved me again!" Elsa-Frozen 2. @ Fandom World