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Name: Ekkehart
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Not my real name but welcome to my page

Perhaps it's important to go back from the start

What Am I? Well I'm a heathen hermit who sees different paths and cross through all of them.

I see many potential talents to obtain that I must conquer through the weakness of my own self

Who Am I?

I am the Wizard

I am the Mighty Barbarian

I descend from the Endless Trees of the North

I wield my sword, my staff, and my axe

I challenge myself like how a god would challenge a god, despite being mortal myself, I don't let that stop me and I push as hard as I could physically and mentally could

I want all those who can stop me to stop me so I can learn to overcome those who could

I try to go beyond the mortal plane of myself in any ways. From primal to formal

I do sound like a crazy nut, but I will attempt to see through those who may not see what may be clear

The type of wizard am I?

The Wizard who is of strength, sword, and song. I am also one of wisdom since the term wizard came from the word wisdom. I am also a wandering wizard. I seek what I need at the time, which could be something as simple as familiarizing my location or getting a simple walk