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Behold the Witch
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Behold the strong as any man.

Know the she walks upon the land.

Respect the Witch...her powers to beguile.

Admire the Witch...her understanding smile.

Honor the pure as Mother's love.

Applaud the destiny she moves.

Acclaim the the future she designs.

Envy the Witch...her patience over time.

Reguard the Witch...her inspiration deep.

Commend the Witch...her family she keeps.

Approve the standard she upholds.

Revere the Witch...her faith and will,extol.

Appreciate the nature she appraises.

Eulogize the children she raises.

Venerate the Witch...for she keeps the ancient lores.

Become the Witch...and these values will be yours...

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That rocks Mashira, thanks hun.

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