Traditions of Witchcraft

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Traditions of Witchcraft
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Each of these paths within the craft contains a different focus. None are completely right or wrong, but are only correct for an individual at a certain time in life. These are not all the Traditions but its my fav ;)

Chaos Magick:
Chaos Magick is a term applied to philosophy, not a tradition. Chaos Magick embodies an "anything goes" attitude. Chaos Magick grew out of Ceremonial Magick and modified use of Symbols and Sigils.

Egyptian Magick is alive and well in the twenty-first century, though its gone through some changes. Like many Ancient Mystic traditions that have been lost during the ages, there are many who aint sure anymore about the Egyptian Practice. But Egyptian Magick is based on the Egyptian Myths, Texts, Symbols and Ancient Mysteries.

Shamanism is the Magical and Healing Practice of the Native American culture. Shamans enter a trance state, often through the use of Meditation, Drumming, Dance or psychotropic’s to pierce the spiritual veil and commune with spirits ancestors and power beings to bring wisdom, healing and energy to the community.

Voudoun/voodoo has its roots deep in Africa. The Gods and Goddesses of Voodoo are called loas, meaning “laws”. Voodoo is very powerful if you only knows how to do it. Its all work with energies, symbols and sometimes dolls to represent a specific person, or love, luck, money, romance etc

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Excellent post!Brief,and right to the point...

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