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Re-Introduce Yourself
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I've noticed this coven had taken a huge hit when the previous leaders took over.
The close, family like atmosphere dissipated, which is seriously just about what every older member I had spoken that had left.
I thank all of you who have stayed here, who wish nothing more than help our new Priestess, Rikka, see through this dull era for Deep Arts.
So I ask all you still paying attention to re-introduce yourselves, talk to us here, and gives us some insight of your current standing in this coven, and magic in general.

Re: Re-Introduce Yourself
Post # 2
I'll go first as not to be a turd and force someone else to get the ball rolling. ;)

Greetings all, I am the fiery Zea, a long time on-and-off member of Deep Arts. I have been on this site long enough to grow gray hairs on my hair, and to make an awesome handful of friends. It's great to meet new people every day, and I enjoy seeing some old usernames pop up here and there from time to time.
I am what many people find surprising, of Atheistic belief. Yes, this means I do not believe in spirituality, and I do not practice "magic". I used to, though, be an independent practitioner basing my beliefs on Ancient Greek Religion/Mythology.

Re: Re-Introduce Yourself
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Helo everyone, my name is Baelali although my username is joey34kaze. I dont mind how you call me :). I have been around this and many similar magic sites for about 3 years now. Im really swamped in my work (finishing high school) and have been that way for about a year now. Thats the reason for my lack of practice, but i enjoy very much reading and occult texts i can find. when i have time of course and unfortunately, that doesn't happen often. I do not have very stable or firm belief system. I believe that everything is an illusion, nothing is real but our souls and that we are here to learn. I adapt my system accordingly to new findings. I am also very interested in art, almost any kind of art. On the outside i would appear regular metalhead - punk type of a guy (im 18 years old). blessings to all of you :)

Re: Re-Introduce Yourself
Post # 4
Greetings to all!!!

My name is Maria but my friends call me Mara which is my username and the triple X's has nothing to do with porn! xD I typed it randomly...

Anyway i was firstly introduced to the occult in my early age at 6-7 years old by my grand mother. She was raised in strange family and strange surroundings... (explained in the thread: Aegean witchcraft) She knows a lot about the spirituality and the ancient ways of "our" ancients, she is terribly good at casting spells and curses and i call her witch by all rights xD

With the mentioned above i wanted to say that all her knowledge was passed to me..well not the whole... she is selfish bitch tho...(excuse my language) but i am aware of the consequences of the deeds that i make and i try to use the art less by trying to solve certain problems as simple as i can...

Anyway i am neutral person, some concern it as a bad thing but i will proudly say that the middle flute plays sweeter, if you know what i mean... I love to laugh and make people laugh, I am optimistic till the end and even when there is no hope... I love the nature, the moon, the stars, the people (sometimes i hate them), the music- metal... i respect the dead and love to make fun of them...>.>... don't get me wrong but i can see the light into the darkest pits xD....

I would like to mention that i am over a year on this site and a whole 6 months in this coven and i will certainly remain member of this coven because i can see some good changes... ;)

Re: Re-Introduce Yourself
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Hello, name is Nefemaryn.
Been on SoM for a little over a year. This is the second coven I have been in, and I am pretty new to this one.
I have been prcticing magickal arts for a long time, raised into my faith by parents and grandparents. Still preform family ritual on some holidays.
I am very open to new ways ov thinking and I always enjoy learning.
I am fair with Runes, Herbs, Botany, Stones, geology, astronomy, astrology. Not so good with typifing magick, I tend to think ov it as all the same.
I am good with Nature, Animal, and Dragon-based magicks. If that helps.
I have honored the Norse deities for much ov my life but I also tend the spirits ov the Hindu faith as well.
Mother is Romanian, father is Norwegian. I had some close family friends growing up that were Natives from Canada and they were great to learn from, shamanism and path-finding.
Most ov my knowledge ov cultural dealings are in different types ov Sejd/seid, Norse myth, Rune divination and stories, and tree worship.
Nice to meet you all.

Re: Re-Introduce Yourself
Post # 6
Hey everyone, I'm Anna. I'm not very good at writing intrductions, but I'll try. :)
I'm 16 and have been studying and practicing magick since October 2010. I know that's not very long lol. I'm still on basics. I love learning about just about anything that can be taught. If you have any questions, feel free to mail me.

Re: Re-Introduce Yourself
Post # 7
My name is Neorsa. This is a combination of two words which mean new beginning, and that's what I'm looking for with this name, a new beginning, a restart.

Right now my practice is at something like an intermediate level. I don't really know that much, but what I do know I use as often as possible. In my practice I use whatever tools that I can when I want to, whether it be incense, stones, paper, pen, candles, etc. Right now I am working on connecting to my higher self and work with my two spirit guides.

My path is simply the one I walk right now, two days from now I may decide to change it to better fit my needs.

Re: Re-Introduce Yourself
Post # 8
I just joined today. My names Seth, I love learning new things. I would love to be apprenticed to a master of the arts, but at the same time I view magick as a solitary practice. My first encounter with the occult was in eigth grade. My friend introduced me to tarot cards, but I never got very serious with them. Instead, she let me borrow a book for people to to wicca or magick, and I studied that book about a year, taking in everything to memory. I lived in a very rural place, and by rural, I mean straight up country at that time so I didnt have access to book stores that sold books on the occult. Then I moved, and now I have a bookshelf full of a variety of occult books.

I study mostly spirits, but am acquainted with many other subjects. Even though I know a bit, theres always more to learn, to experience and to see.

My goal is to learn as much as possible, and put it to good use.

The rest is in my bio.

Re: Re-Introduce Yourself
Post # 9
Hey I am Tara, this is the only coven i have been in on this site. Cant really remember how long. Anyways I belong to my family coven and have been since birth. Currently training to be high priestess of said family coven. I have a huge family ten siblings eleven if you count me, a multitude of nieces and nephews and cousins. If I had to label my path I would say it is fairly similar to wicca. My strengths in magic run to the divination side of it mainly runes. I am an empath, and what i guess you could label as a dream reader. I am very good at rituals, even restructering the old ones. And if you want to know anything else just ask.

Re: Re-Introduce Yourself
Post # 10
Im new here looking to learn about everything.
I love to chat with others get to know them.
Im a Gemini and love it I can be very random
and like to be asked questions.
I am unfortunitly not very good at online introductions,
but feel free to Pm me :)!

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