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1. The main purpose of this post is to provide a new horizon where a sigil or symbol can rotate 90 degrees or 180 degrees due to differences in writing system and Alphabetical evolution ( More Modern, Good for Computers, Bad for Magic ?) .

  • It is better to focus on something that happens everywhere in the world, which means it has more legitimate truth value , Bias Fallacies? like a blockchain system? .
  • So, focus on the similarities that exist in various cultures, not the differences in another magical systems .
  • I really need help explaining Norse runes and Magic because my knowledge about it is quite lacking .
  • So, I would be very grateful if anyone could explain in detail, please, I've just spent a lot of hours writting this , enjoy (Look at Num 3)

Ancient Language

2. Many people do not know that ancient languages like Aramaic , Hebrew, Futhark, Brahmi script etc. , have changed, some by 90 degrees and even 180 from their original alphabets originating from Proto-Sinaitic .

  • However, this clearly confuses writing talismans , Sigils, and any Magical Writtings .
  • This even happened in Sumerian cuneiform , where the writing was rotated 90 from the original Proto - Cuneiform pictogram around 3100 BCE? Firstly? .
    • For example in the writing of an/digir en lil, en ki, en zu, , the letter en which looks like a throne chair is rotated 90 from the previous image .
    • nin lil, ninhursag , also nin (lady) which like downward Triangle also rotated 90
    • Weird fact : Why are the aligned scratches in the cuneiform so often dominated by four lines ?
  • But This didn't happen in Ancient China
    • (Book: Early Chinese Writting - Frank H. Chalfant )
    • Only several word like Moon, Boat, Bed, Pig, Horse, Unicorn, etc written rotated 90 degrees .
    • Modernized Characters are of course with so many different, it's better to use Seal Script (100 ad), and older character like bronze seal, Oracle Bone bc for talisman?
    • Some originally were circles and curves like curves, but after thousands of years, they changed to squares and lines .

Alphabert Letter

3. An example is the letter A lpha or Aleph, where initially the image was a cattle or something like a cow

  • it could also be called Nandi , Shiva's Cow/Bull?
    • Golden Calf (Sometimes Bronze?), Sacred Bull associated with Yahweh, Creature of El, Apis-Calf Egyptian , Hartor's cow ?
    • Wall Street Bull, Charging Bull , 2022 Commonwealth Games opening ? Prosperity and Abundance?
    • Paganism Talisman Writings at Skull of a Bull /Ox/Cow, Placed inside house? .
  • However, over time, even when Aramaic was rotated 90 degrees, and then when it entered Hebrew and Arabic , the cow's head image was no longer visible .
    • Like Malachim Script from Agrippa Book (16c), the Aleph also looks like vajra, (squater man petroglyph?, Used in Key of Solomon- Sixth Mars Circle- Figure30 , Page64 , on Heaven or Upper part of the circle),
    • And Celestial Alphabet Aleph is like an "x", not like a calf head
    • About John Dee Enochian Alphabet it seems like it was stand alone?
    • But this is because of rooted from hebrew (bc), even clavicula salomonis with hebrew alphabet?
  • Instead, what is seen is the number a l p 111 and also the number alif 1 , and the worst part is that from Greek , it has rotated 180 degrees to become the letter 'A' in the alphabet we now use for computers .
    • Pesica Viscis pointed above (Giant Fish God when the World was Flooded),
      • The first of Vishnu Avatara Matsya ,
      • Dagon , Oannes, Enki save humanity from flood, Dogon first Creation,
      • Jesus-Christ ichthys symbol, and Messianic symbol at below,
      • First before any civillation happened
    • Some connect the letter 'a' with alpha , which is a 5-pointed star, but if connected with the cow from ancient times, the alpha is definitely reversed, like an inverted pentagram star .
    • Also, those who connect it like a triangle given a line in the middle, like the air symbol in alchemy the bull that fly in the air. The Worship of the Golden Calf byfillipino lippi (14571504)
  • Of course, compared to the original, it is completely different, reversed 180degrees

4. Although there is a lot of other information on the internet , because Futhark Fehu means cattle, and cows are often depicted in Hinduism , like Kamdhenu (mother of all cows) , representing wealth, abundance and prosperity ,and about Lamassu Winged Bull in sumerian ( Protective Spirit? ),

  • The location of Vanir Vanaheim is also the same, which means if you see a cow, it is definitely Taurus ?.
  • Where Odin's head with Anzuz and Thor is definitely at the top of Valhalla , Aries, Caput Aries .
    • This is still a puzzle for me , Really Interesting.
  • Indeed, both the Aries letter and the Taurus letter have a 'U' facing upwards or the calf of the sun , and Caput Aries is often like that too, Like Vishnu Tilaka or Maya part of Hindu and Tibetan 'aum' ? .
  • But the difference is that Taurus has a circle below it Sommerhoff 1701 .
  • (Book: Dictionary of Occult, Hermetic and Alchemical sigil - Fred F. Gettings, Page 76-80 "c", and 312-319 appendix)
    • Caput Means Head, Dragon head , and Cauda Means Tail, the dragon tail , Dragon Tiamat body was divided split in half for Heaven and Earth
    • Just look it's even so much Distortion of 180 from so many source
    • But maybe the right one is "U" Like a cup for Dragon Head (Agrippa 1531, and 16 Geomantic signs) and "n" for Dragon Tail to below Like a mountain or Saturn's tail, Scorpio symbol? even though?

5. Ra in Egyptian means sun god who is riding his boat, the sun circle between the eye of Ra and Horus .

  • The letter r in Proto-Sinaitic originally meant head , also hebrew .
  • In Arabic , Ra's means Head, Ra'is means leader , and Rabb means lord .
  • In Futhark , Raido means riding (in the Futhark circle, right next to Anzuz Odin ) .
  • In Chinese , Ri means sun , but the ancient sun image was actually round and not square (oracle bone script) , also given a dot or a small line inside, similar to medieval alchemy .
    • letter Xin (heart) in Chinese is almost the same as Letter Shin (see Wikipedia) in Judaism, meaning heart , fire? .
  • In Indian , Rishi means one who can see beyond , or Drish which means to see .
  • In Bija mantra , Ra means fire or Brahma .
  • Chi Rho in Christianity , Chiram Abiff ? Head With sun above the Cross, 6 point heart? Praise the sun ? Raise ? .
  • Please Differentiate with Egyptian and Sinaitic Mouth P or Ph , it is not R alphabet .

6. Also, if you look at the Heiroglyph? or the original writing of the letter B or Beth , it originally meant house , where the image of the house opening was at the top or Bottom .

  • Then, from what seemed to be a 90 angle, it became the letter L with a triangle rotated 90, opening to the right, like the capital letter B we use now .
  • So, my question is, if in Elder Futhark , the letter B has been rotated 90, and the original image of the house opening was at the top, doesn't that mean it looks like two mountains ? .
  • Maybe with the sun rising in the middle? .
  • These are the same as Hey (Letter H and E) , Kaph (Letter K) , Delta/Daleth (Letter D, Thor's rune? ) , they were all rotated 90 angle before becoming Elder Futhark

6. Is Beth/Berkana the same as Ba (which means body in the Egyptian concept of the soul )? .

  • Because in Arabic , it's Alif Ba Gim , while in Hebrew , it's Aleph, Beth, Gimel , something like two mountains (not three like heaven ) .
  • And is Kaunan/Kenaz , which means intellect, wisdom, knowledge , rotated 90 degrees the same as Ka vital spark ? .
  • Is Thor Thurizaz also rotated 90 degrees? Because the letter T like Tyr Tiwaz is like a triangle facing upwards, 3 legs? .

7. Because logograms, pictograms, and alphabets have already rotated 90 degrees, are some of the sigils in Goetia also rotated 90 degrees? .

  • Example: Marax , Haagenti (which looks like a trident), Volac (whose chakra looks like the sun should be upwards), Aim, Raum, Ronove, Orobas, etc ( Caput cup? and Cauda ) .
  • Is this also the same for some of the 50 names of Marduk symbol in the Al-Azif book , which are rotated 45, 90, 135 degrees? Example: Namtillaku? .
  • Look at Book: Three Books of Occult Philosophy- Agrippa , Chapter 33 page 112-113 , Divine letter, Natural Magic
  • Also at book : Key of Solomon Page 86 -Chapter8 ,figure 55-90

Runic Compass Vegvisir

8. Another supporting Question for Knowledge Above:

  • Why do many people place Vegvisir in the Elder Futhark circle incorrectly? Because Odin should be at the top, then Thor in Asgard , trishula upwards .
  • If the circle is placed like this, Freya and Uruz (is this the city Uruk ?)
    • should be in Vanaheim at the top left, meaning prosperity and the origin of Freya ,
    • where Vanaheim is given the symbol of Venus , the feminine aspect ? .
  • If placed like this, Mannaz, Ehwaz (M), Berkana , which means human, horse, and house , are exactly one group to live on earth at that time ( 24:8 direction becomes 3) .
  • Do Vegvisir and Aegishjalmur not originate from Viking or Norse paganism ,
    • but from Clavicula Salomonis, Hygromanteia ? From even more ancient times?
  • (In the case of Unalome , it is the same, many people do not know that some artists draw it incorrectly,
    • with below the lotus pointing downward, pointing to the underworld ,
    • although in some sak yant squares and 5 lines script , it is given upwards and downwards) .

9. The battle between Vanir and Aesir is exactly the same as Deva and Asura in the Tibetan 6 realms (should be 7 because the center is Chenrezig on top of mount? with the seed mantra " Hrih ")

  • Because there it is depicted that 2 realms are adjacent (top and side) without being separated by a thick line? .
  • (In Hinduism , the teacher of the Devas is Brihaspati Jupiter , but the teacher of the Asuras is Shukra Venus , the symbol of Venus in Vanir ? Great similarity? ).
  • (Different from the Asura in Patala or hell , like the Igigi , Scorpion People , Dog-headed People , Sea Monster , Nagas , Tiamat , etc.) .

10. If Helheim (underworld at Vegvisir), it has many crosses and also right angles on its legs, like the Chinese writing for earth and field , Trishula facing downwards like the letter M ? like Scorpio and Virgo .

  • If in the circle Aries is at the most top on zodiac wheel, then Scorpio and Virgo are at the bottom .
  • a Spear pointing Below With Many Nerve endings at Sacral like a Letter "m" and Grave digger Spade (Book: Initiates of the Flame, Manly P. Hall page 20-21 )
  • Also like the HinduSeed Mantra for root chakra "lam" , and in the underworld, there is Libra (Inanna's Rod and Ring Symbol, Shen rings Symbol) or the Feather of Maat Divine feminine aspect doing the Weighing Heart ceremony with Libra Scale . Similarity Again?
  • So, only question is what is meant by Anshar and Kishar ,
    • also Chinese Heaven Father and Mother Earth , Purusha and Prakriti ,
    • is it actually materialism , Mater (German word for mother) underworld
    • Because gold mines, rare earth elements, diamonds, mineral stones are always underworld? mother is not at earth surface but deeper underground? .
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