Make Someone Dream of You

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A spell to make another person dream of you
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

Casting Instructions for 'Make Someone Dream of You'

Decide who your goal is, and be able to visualize then very well:

  • What Phrases do they use often?
  • What color are their eye? Skin?
  • What style clothes do they wear?
  • What gestures do they use?
  • What is their personality like?
  • What habits do they have?
  • How do they sit, speak, walk, eat?
  • What does their voice sound like?
  • What is their smile like? Their frown?
  • What is their attitude towards you? Others?

Find a time when you are sure the person is alseep. Generally, for most people with somewhat normal sleep schedules, you can count on 3am as being a good time. You can do it closer to the time thye will wake up. They will remember it better, but you will be taking a risk. They may wake up before you finish, or thye might even awaken before you begin. This is not a good thing - when you are trying to send a dream to someone, and they are awake, it will often make them feel negative towards you. Subconsciously, it gets them in "You are invading my mind!" mode. They won't know why, but they might feel odd around you.

That aside, you are probably eager to know where to begin!

It's a good idea to sleep before the hour when you will perform the meditation. Sleep for 4 or 5 hours and set an alarm to waken you at whatever time you chose as ideally, being when the target is asleep. When you are awaken by the alarm at that time, get up and stretch, walk around your room a bit and get a drink if you need to. You shouldn't be unable to get back to sleep, but you should be aware enough that your mind is working.

Get comfortable again in bed and lay in your normal sleeping position. From the dream meditation, you should fall asleep. In fact, you should fall asleep during it, believe it or not!

Now you must get a perfect, clear visualization of hte person. Use all those characteristics mentioned before to create the person in your mind - posture, looks, clothes, etc.. Now focus on contacting that person. Think of their name over and over again, keeping their image in your mind. Be 'looking' into the eyes of the person in your mind. You will feel it when the contact is picked up - if they are asleep. You will feel a slight surge of energy and a strange sensation, at this point, your minds are hooked up. It's easier to make this connection than it is to maintain it.

Here is where you should begin controlling the dream. Focus on creating the scene and begin "playing it out" as you had imagined earlier. Make sure you are clear about your message. Listen to what the other person says. Don't let your mind wander away!! You will fall asleep quite naturally from this point onward. Surprisingly - the dream will not end here. Chances are however, you will both "go your seperate ways" as your psyches drop connections. Once you are in the REM (rapid eye movement) state of sleep, you will be so out of it that uless you dream lucidly, you will not have control over anything following that point. The same will be happening on the other persons side.

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Im going to try this

this is a good one

Im SO gonna do this

This sounds cool

i am so gonna try this-

The man in black are real and they are coming

Jul 24, 2019
good to know

Jan 18, 2021

Worked for me im in total shock.

Mar 31, 2020
do you mind telling me some more?

Dec 03, 2020
How did it work? Thanks

Good it woros *works well

Might as well give it a try☆

it worked omg im so scared and happy

Jul 10, 2019
Hey! Do you mind telling me more about it?

I'm going to try this, thank you for posting!!

Sep 01, 2019
Was it successful

Interesting Will give me an excellent dream at least

Sounds a bit like astral projection, and a lot of fun.

This is great Am going to practice this tonight

Does this actually work?

Sep 03, 2022

add gonna try it

Jan 14, 2020
did u do it

I will try this method . It sounds like a variation of my dream walk methods .

Jul 31, 2020
did it work

I want to cast this spell and another spell on the same person... Can I do both...

Oct 31, 2019
If you have the energy to do so, you can

Made an account just to confirm that this works but disclaimer the lucid dream was no f*ing joke. If you have the courage to go through with it; mentally prepare yourself. Blessed be x

Nov 09, 2019
Thank you for confirming, and the heads up on the lucid dreaming.

is this spell even real?

I tried this yesterday night. My first ever spell to try. I'm not sure whether it worked or not, but I could feel my ear ringing and vibrating, as if a source of energy was just accumulating around me. I still need to bring up the conversation to the person I tried to connect with though, hoping to trying it again tonight.

i'm gonna try this tonight wish me luck!

It didn’t work for me. Oh wait never mind I fell asleep while trying to make the connection.

What should be done if they sleep during your ''day'' .. how should you proceed then? (you are wide awake during their sleep time) Thanks

i did this but only i changed purpose and focus on demons and satan to envision me in their presence, off-course they don`t sleep. i fell aslepp during proccess and i got waken up half hour later by hearing my pc power up button being pressed with no one present in the room.

I’m trying this on my crush

Jan 12, 2020
It legitimately worked for me. I don't know if he'll remember it, but the connection was clear.

So, it's 11:30, I'm up late working on an essay for school tomorrow. I got two paragraphs to go, but since I'm still awake, light a lovespell pink tealight (for the rose smell) and hold a purple drip candle in my hand (also obviously lit) turn off all the lights in the room and pause my music. I felt the connection PHYSICALLY. I got shivers around my scalp and down my spine, and a huge adrenaline rush came up through my shoulders from the tips of my fingers. My eyelids start fluttering like I'm having a stroke, and the flame on the purple candle I'm holding is FREAKING OUT. The flame keeps getting super big and going out entirely. I can feel his touch, it's insane, and almost smell him in the air. That was crazy, I'm definitely trying this again with celestite and if I can find it, lapis.

Jan 14, 2020
congratulations on the successful casting. What you were feeling was the magick energy surging through your body and pooling in the candle. be sure to ground after your spells, too much or too little energy can make you sick.

I will try this

This is a very effective spell. Thank you for your assistance. :)

Thank you!

What if the person don't know us?

Feb 29, 2020
I think it’s possible but more difficult. Because that’s what I’m doing. However, I’ve already been engaged in meditation/visualization work for a couple weeks. I don’t know if it worked or not, because visualization is my strength. I felt some warm tingling, but not strong. And even though you don’t have to for this spell, I personally keep a gemstone in my pillow with psychic attributes to act as a conduit and also his picture.

can you do it 2 times in one night

Feb 23, 2020
If you have the energy for two castings you can.

I think I'll try this. Last time I did something that involved dreams, I stole someone's. Kinda weird but at least he got a good nights rest XD

Aug 10, 2020
how in the world did you steal someone's dream?

After attempting to perform this spell I slept better the next two hours before I awoke and my morning went better!

Love it, so gonna give it a try

Does this work??

How exactly do you connect? Are most seventh graders asleep at 5:30 am?

what if you don't know the persons name?cause i know their accounts to stuff (insta, tik tok, and youtube), but i don't know the person's real name.

Mar 09, 2020
You can still focus the energy because you know their nickname and have a visual representation of them. Since they don't know you, they may not be susceptive to the influence of the spell.

Oh boy. I think this spell worked!

Some fool has been bugging me for years i will use this and scare them badly.

Mar 31, 2020
haha ok good luck!

me too

I am so going to try this

Now I know why my girlfriend feels odd around me sometimes, I subconsciously do this sometimes, bc I can never get her off my mind, I just didn’t realize i was doing it bc I’m a lucid dreamer

Can you do this with someone you used to know?

Enter someone’s dream if I haven’t seen them since we were little?

um, something like this happened before. this was my first boyfriend but he kept bugging me when we first met. Eventually, we got along and he told me why he was bugging me. he said that before we met he had a dream and saw a girl who looked like me and the girl(me) told him my name. The girl actually said my name is (my name). so when I said my name to him in real life he really started bugging me. is this spell and that related? (we've never met before that and it was before I started doing witchcraft.)

i would do this if my boyfriend actually slept damn


can't wait to try this !

What if my target has DID? would I be able to reach a certain alter's dreams? Do I visualize the body's features or the alter's individual features? It shouldn't be too hard to visualize their personality or habits but what about physical appearance?

Feb 14, 2021
DID? Dissociative Identity Disorder? [please don't use abbreviations, or if you do, say what it is once in your comment, just so everyone knows what you're talking about] You want a person to dream of you, they should see you in their dream and not other personalities. If you're trying to figure out what you should focus on, focus on the person's physical form and mannerisms. Don't try to visualize multiple personalities, simply focus on the person and what you love about them. While DID is a part of them, you don't need to cast this on each identity as it all stems from the same person and energetic source which is them.

its actually called dream jumping/injecting


Hi, idorea. Your spell has a sucurity flaw. I had tried this 4 or so years ago and it didn't end well. The person's dream I was trying to get into was possessed by an Incubus. That incubus was moving so fast that I couldn't even react properly, but I think he possessed me after that, because my dreams changed after that and I was always in a dream like state, like I was awake but still dreaming, the dream and reality I could see then both at the same time. I am still struck in the dream world and if I focus on anyone even by mistake then I straight go into their subconscious dream and I face their fantasies and their nightmares. If you can modify your spell to include a protective charm or something like that then it would be nice.

It worked

I tried it yesterday. Don't know if it worked, but. I was feeling pressure on my body, my waist like gravity was dragging me down really hard, everytime i remember the eyes and calling the name of the person. I got this sensation like i was drifting away, but i was perfectly still. Anyone else feeling somethkng like it?

I have done this. It does work very well actually they called next day. .

Can someone with aphantasia successfully do this? Is there anything someone can do if they see nothing once they close their eyes? I can recall some details but can not actually visualize anything no matter how hard I try.

Apr 15, 2024
I tend to find myself in a similar boat whe I do any sort of visualization work. I often find at least some measure of success by concentrating my focus on other senses. Like imagining a smell (the smell of the person) or the sound of their voice. Or the emotional connection I feel between myself and the other person. Or any other physical perception of the other person will help. Focus on any detail you can which synchronizes with the idea he/she is near to you/in your presence.

It can also be useful to mentally describe the imagery. Go overthe details in words, as if you were writing them into a book. The length of his/her hair, how it hangs, is it curly? Wavy? Straight? What style is it in? Any unique details like an ways unruly sprig on one side? Then do the same for other features Ike the eyes and mouth. What is his/her expression? Describe it to yourself. Any unique features like freckles or dimples? How would you describe those? ...Think about how you would write a description for your target, as if it was the protagonist of a novel.

it works i felt a surge of energy

This can work. To increase your odds of success you should improve your dream abilities. Several times a day, stop and ask yourself how you know this is not a dream. This will become natural and when you dream, you will notice subtle cues that is is, in fact, a dream. You should also record your dreams the second you wake up. This will help you recall and have more vivid dreams. Crystals, herbs and aromatherapy can help put you in a calm state, awaken your third eye, and set your inattention. This meditation/spell might take several days of practice to do correctly, but it is possible.

What does the weird sensation feel like, should it be a nervous like feeling?

May 21, 2024
A nervous feeling could be one of two things. The first option is, you feel guilty performing the spell. This could be due to morals or worried you will get caught. This will cause a psychic barrier preventing you from casting. This is why most spells backfire. It is not because you cast it wrong and the universe has sent it back to you as punishment, but because you were nervous and subconsciously sabotaged yourself. The second reason you feel nervous is the opposite reason, your target sensed you energetically. It was vaguely mentioned in the spell the person might prevent you from entering their dreams. This is because of our natural defences. These are natural psychic barriers which protects us from spiritual attacks. We typically lose them once we know about various Magikal things, which is why protection Magik is so important. This is also why possession is so difficult. Your body can sense when a spirit is doing something against your will and will fight back. Dreams are a plane where spiritual beings can enter with more ease, but they still require approval unless they can overpower the defences. This does not have the energy to do that, so depending on how skilled you are at dreamwork, you might not get through the defences to enter their dream. Lastly, you need to consider their spiritual protection. If they have deities, angels, demons, fairys, and other spirits protecting them. Even their grandmother praying they are safe would add an extra layer of protection you would need to account for. This bring me back to my point that it is rare someone is actually processed and you need to practice dream work in order to do this spell successfully. How to figure out which is the reason for your nervous feeling, meditate, reflect on the spell, and journal. This will help you find your answer.

I tried this. It was like I had to much caffeine felt so much energy shooting through me even when I woke up I still felt that. Is that normal?

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