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One of the methods I use for candle magick.

Theres a lot of different ways to do Candle magick, it has been around for years and years and can be used for many, many different situations and causes.

These are some of the methods and charms that I like and thought I should share.

1. Say you what to banish a bad habit or addiction thats really effecting your life.

Take a Black Candle and inscribe with your Athame a word, symbol or picture to represent that bad habit into the side of the candle.

Light the Candle and envision the candle's flame burning away that bad habit. Watch as the wax burns down and the word or symbol disappears.

When the candle has burned completely down, bury it outside away from your home.

2. You or a loved one is ill, You may want to use a White, Gold or Black candle and inscribe yours or the person's name into the candle (from end to wick) and/or the name of the illness or problem.

While it burns, imagine the sickness being lifted and the person being healed.

3. Depression is something that a lot of people deal with, to help with that, take a Pink, Green or Gold/Yellow candle and inscribe the person's name/your name into the side of the candle and burn, imagining the sadness being taken away until it burns down.

4. Money problems? Try using a Green candle and writing your name and the amount of money you need or a symbol for money drawing on the candle and burn it down to bring cash your way.

5. Say you want to send Love to a family Member, Friend, or partner. Use a Pink or Red candle and write their name on it, burn it imaging your love being sent to the person.

6. As a writer and artist, sometimes I have a block and not sure what I should write or draw. I like to burn a Yellow candle with my name on the side.

7. Troublesome people are hard to deal with, especially when they won't go away! To banish them from your life, Try writing the person's name on a Black candle and burn it while envisioning and telling the person to leave.

8. For good fortune or Luck, carve your name into a Gold or Green candle.

9. inscribe your name and magickal symbols (Pentacle, Runes, etc) into a purple candle and burn to bring higher self and inspiration i magick.

10. You have a question that you can't seem to come up the answer to? Inscribe the question into a White candle and burn it, sooner or later the answer will come.

To add to the power, you can anoint the candles in oils, inscribe the appropriate symbols and/or runes into the candle, Bless/empower the candle with energy, set crystals or stones in front of them, or get statue candles that represent what you need.

Since you are burning these candles down all the way, it's good to keep your eye on any burning flame to make sure a fire doesn't start. And because you will be using the whole candle, you might what to get small 6" spell candles (Which are usually less than a dollar a piece).

Hope this helps =)

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Jul 21, 2019
Love this, great uses for candles :)

Sep 08, 2019
Thanks so much

Nov 01, 2019

Dec 25, 2019
not able to get black candle in shops

Dec 25, 2019
i've found black candles at the dollar store and walmart. if you can't find one, you can use white as it's a neutral and used for anything.

Feb 10, 2020

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