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Information on cursed objects.

Generally speaking, cursed objects bring misfortune to those around them. This includes the owner of said object. These objects have long, sorted histories and tend to have a lot of negativity associated with them, even death in extreme cases.

Some of the most well known include:

  • The Annabelle Doll
  • The Hands Resist Him Painting
  • The Anguished Man Painting
  • Busby Stoop Chair

And these are just to name a few. These are all documented cases of cursed objects that have been investigated by paranormal and para-psychological groups, and some even covered in news reports and interviews.

Now, cases of these tend to be rare, but it does occur.

There is also a sociological concept, first proposed by W.I. Thomas that I would like to touch on as well, since it correlates to what we are discussing. It states:

If you believe things are real, they are real in consequences.

This simply means, our thoughts and beliefs can have an impact on our perception of events. You think the object is cursed and thus look for events and situations that make it so. So in that regarded, in the cases of 'cursed objects' it can also be a case of our thoughts getting the better of us.The item has nothing to do with the events, but because you believe it to be cursed, you see manifestations of that in your environment. A series of coincidental, and unfortunate, events, if you will.

There are several cases and reports of cursed objects, but the occurrence of it in history is a rarity, if we look at the number recorded over the years. Generally, these cases are not cursed in the sense we think of. It was more of a spiritual attachment to the items that led to the events surrounding them.

Cursed Objects & Curses: Magic

To actually curse an object takes a lot of energy.It takes a lot of energy to put out that kind of energy, and more so to continually fuel it for an extended period of time, in which it would have a lasting impact.

Now, is it possible to actually place a curse upon an object? Yes. It can and does happen in the magical community, but these items aren't something usually left around or sold in shops so that a random individual falls victim. These items are cursed with an intended curse/outcome and individual in mind.

Curses are not something to be taken lightly, and can have repercussions upon the caster, if proper steps are not taken to protect yourself. An understanding of magic, on a fundamental level, and how it works and flows is essential to successful spells in general, not just when curses are involved.

Now, if you are cursing an object, how might you do it?

I would personally start with an object associated with the person (for this we will use a necklace as an example). This can either be a necklace they own or one you plan on giving to them. Hold the necklace in your hand and allow yourself to focus on all the things this person has done to you(or to others that you care about, given the situation at hand) and use that to gather emotional energy.

When you feel yourself get to the peak of anger toward this individual, focus on that and use it to help guide your will. Focus this energy into the necklace and visualize and feel it bringing misfortune to the individual in question. Thereby, charging the necklace and turning it into a conduit for your magical act. Chanting over the necklace, to further solidify your intent is also suggested to help further your magical act.

In this work of magic, it would gradually trickle off, until the spell ran its course. Once the necklace was given to them, it would work until the energy and magic attached to it eventually fizzled out.

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Oct 04, 2019
Please add mr. Robert the doll!

Oct 04, 2019
Oh, that ones cool/terrifying!so many interesting cursed objects you could discuss

Oct 06, 2019
This was not meant to discuss specific cursed objects, more the items in general.

Jun 10, 2021
Another good one I've heard of is this spellbook. I can't remember the name, but apparently some witch cursed it. All who do not walk the path shall be cursed from the moment they open the book.

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