A Ritual to Stop Nightmares

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This is a very simple ritual, and is easy for everyone to perform. It should work for people who have repeating nightmares (children as well. A friend of mine reported it helped him with insomnia.

You need:

  • One white candle (not big)
  • One white or silver ribbon (it should be long enough to fit your wrist)
  • Any piece of silver, such as an object made of silver that you don't constantly wear on yourself or sleep with. It can be a ring you don't wear, or a silver cup, even a silver spoon.

Sit in the dark in your bedroom. Put the ribbon around the candle, light the candle and put it some place opposite to your face. Watch the flame burning for couple of minutes and relax. Now close your eyes and imagine beautiful scenes which are, in your mind, related to emotions of happiness and peace. It could be anything. (It's quite an individual thing.) Meditate for as long as you wish. When you feel relaxed and able to focus on one single thing, approach the window, holding the burning candle in your hands and looking at the Moon. If you can't see it from your window, or any other window at your place, or not even from the yard, just keep on standing there and then just look at the Sky.

Say these words:

"The Moon is my friend

who's listening to me,

and bringing the beauty

into my dreams.

The stars are here

forever to shine,

bringing serenity

and peace of mind.

When I close my eyes

they won't be gone,

keeping me safe

till the dawn."

You can repeat these words for as many times you want, if you feel you need to.

After this, extinguish the flame (if the candle hasn't burned down). Take off the ribbon and put it around your wrist before going to bed. Leave the candle and a piece of silver on your window until the next morning. In the morning, remove both of them, and the silver ribbon from your wrist. You can repeat this ritual 1-3 times a week, always using a new candle and a new ribbon. However, collect the ribbons. When you feel your nightmares are gone and you got rid of them, you can still go ahead and do this little ritual once a week. It can be done on any night of the week.

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Nov 04, 2019
Ok this will help a lot thank you

Mar 18, 2021
Nightmares come in many forms and from many sources. It is my opinion that ridding one's mind of these spiritual ''bullies'' is the most important activity one can accomplish in the use of Magic. It is also probably the easiest thing one can do using the tools we all have. There is no need of chanting or any exterior influence to rid ones conscience or sub-conscience of these unwanted guests. Simply learn how to remember ones dreams. Most of you can already do that. Then, learn to start to apply visualizing one's nightmares the same way you visualize your dreams. Next, go to sleep with the image of the nightmare focused as a path desired to follow as you descend into the dream state. The nightmare should be directly in your path. Confront the nightmare. Command it to stop. If it is more than you can deal with then break it down into smaller chunks and demand the pieces go away individually until they are all gone. You may have to re-visit any strong nightmare more than once but it really is this easy to rid one's self of these annoying interlopers. Taking charge like this gives you excellent positive reinforcement. One of my favorites is the falling dream where you simply take over the nightmare by riding it all the way to the bottom(whatever that means to you). It is actually a fun ride and has huge benefits which will become obvious when you go splat. No harm will come to you.

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