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Acquaintance with Darkness

We are a group of people who have an interest in the darker and more taboo aspects of the occult and magic. We do not choose this path to go for a cool or scare factor, but rather we have chosen it out of a wish to show who we are. For some of us, we didn't even choose it, but it was chosen for us.

We are those who do not follow a straightforward path of love and light only, but rather those who strive for our own place within the world. Balance is an important thing for many of us, requiring that we not only learn the good but also the bad, and vice versa. We are a diverse but harmonious group with a mature and stable membership, those "Others" who may not fit in with other categorizations but are most comfortable among ourselves.

If you wish to know more about us, please talk to Kaurora, Naught, or any of our council.

Applying to Our Group

Acquaintance with Darkness is acting on new applications for membership at the present time. Applications will be accepted, if you are willing to wait; please do not apply if you are not committed to abiding through our process. We have a minimum age requirement of 16 years, although we will consider younger applicants on a case by case basis provided they are mature, show promise and have the relevant experience.

Click on the "Apply to Join" button, then please mail Kaurora and Naught with your answers to the questions below. If you do not answer and submit answers to these questions, your application will not be considered. We will post your application to our forums and it will be voted on by our membership for one week. If the majority of the group votes before the week is up, you may find yourself more quickly accepted. An application must be complete to be acted on. It is also strongly suggested that applicants do not have a blank or minimal site profile as that information is also considered in assessing applicant candidacy. Those making extraordinary claims or ranting on question answers or their profile are not likely to be accepted. We seek members respectful of others and capable of cooperative interactions with the membership and leadership. If you become gagged and/or banned during your application, you must send us a reason for it. At that time we will decide whether your application will continue or not.

  1. How old are you?
  2. What is 'magick' to you?
  3. What path, doctrine, religion, etc, do you follow?
  4. What do you study and practice within the occult/magic? How long have you studied and practiced each of these things?
  5. Would you be able and willing to teach any of the things above?
  6. Why did you apply to join the group?
  7. How active can you be within the group?
  8. Have you ever had or used any other accounts on this website? If so what are/were they?
  9. Have you ever been a member of any other groups? If so what are/were they?
  10. Who, if any, of the present members of the group vouched for you or suggested you join the coven?
  11. Is there anything else you think we should know?

Our Sisters

  • The Twisted Nether

~ Priestess Skylance -

~ Priest LucianArahsi -

  • ~We give thanks to our past leaders; we stand as a result of their efforts.~


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