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The Immortal's Keep is a coven meant for its members to learn about Mythology from a variety of historical religions.
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Our Coven:

Stories have been told for centuries amongst people from around the world. Stories of such things, as the Greek heroes, the Egyptian Pharaohs, and Christianity's prophets, are all part of Mythology. Those stories are ways to preserve and pass down hidden knowledge and wisdom onto the next generation. Each story takes you to unique journeys and helps you to discover your magical aspects. They are keyholders to hidden knowledge and well kept secrets that are coded within our hearts. Good stories have all elements of inner transformation and creation of better self and better surrounding. Words call forth existence.

Our coven's symbol is the phoenix, which represents the keepers of immortal knowledge and power. Are You interested in passing and learning this immortal knowledge? Sounds intriguing, does not it? Each story has its own hero and this hero has a certain name, but within each of us there is another hidden hero that needs to be discovered through journeying and vision work. Since our soul is immortal it learns forever, but this happens only through changes of our personal story and circumstances. At the same time the main thing that matters to it is gaining wisdom that resides out of the boundaries of human existence. Wisdom which is not gained only through the means of physical experience. The very subject of Your personal story is You and all of Your aspects; aspects you discover along your path while going through inner adventures and quests. Discovering your aspects will help you with your magical journey and path until the cycle repeats again taking new shape through new paradigm shift. Care to listen to our stories? Because we are ready to hear Yours!

Immortal`s Keep Anthem : Warm and going with the flow, that is how we grow. Risen from the ash and reborn with a flash, we always glow. Coming together to face any foe, we shall never be put low. To be helpful is our legacy and our law.

By BlackSunny and Artemisia Wormwood.

Currently, we keep inviting new members. Additionally, people will have the possibility to apply for our coven, too.

~ How to join? ~

In order to join, you need to apply and send your already filled application to both of the leaders. People who failed to do so will be automatically rejected.

~ How to apply? ~

You need to provide us with the answers of all the following questions:

1) How old are you?

2) What kind of path(/paths) are you are following, or studying at the moment?

3) What would you like to study?

4) What are your best assets, and how you are planing to use them for our common welfare ?

5) How many years of experience do you have in practical type of magic? Please: note reading about magick is not the same as actually practicing it.

6) How active are you able to be? Please appoint certain period of time(every day, twice per week, once per week).

7) Are you a team player? Our coven is a very close and related family, therefore in order to fit well in it, you need to be able to cooperate and adapt within a group. We require from you to put the effort and try to go along with everyone, despite all differences.

Additional requirements: You need to have a profile picture. Your profile page should contain a biography of at least a few sentences. You are encouraged to provide us with as much information as you would like to share. We will look upon the gesture as willingness to be honest and open with us. Being truthful and realistic are both qualities which we value and cherish, therefore they are very important to us as a social group.

Under normal circumstances all applicants who followed the instructions appointed above will be given an answer within few days. Both coven leaders need to agree on the applications, before you can be accepted. Once, we have approved or haven't approved your application we will get back to you (as soon as that is possible). Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this page. Thank you for considering to be one of us.:)

~~~What do we have in our coven?

  • ~ Loads of Lessons in our forums.
  • ~ Plenty coven activities (such as Quizzes, Coven activities, assignments, tasks, rituals) every single week.
  • ~ People who are very eager to learn about both Magick and Mythology.
  • ~ Unique support from us all.
  • ~ Guidance one to one.
  • ~ A GREAT , warm family waiting for you.
  • ~ Coven meetings every single week.
  • ~ People who will be always willing to help you to the best of their abilities.
  • ~ Awards! (Tarot readings and more)
  • ~ Activity : All our members participate in our forums &/or coven chat.

~ Lessons:

  • ~ Magick Basics:



~Energy Flow

~Moon Phases




~Circle casting






  • Herbs
  • Mythology
  • Astral Projection
  • Divination
  • Tarot
  • Runes
  • Scrying
  • Crystals
  • Candle Magick
  • Spirit communication


Currently ,we are sister covens with:

Divine Essence: High Priestess: Nano.Zasha. and High Priest: Tadashi

Magical Beings Working Alone: High Priestess: Nepotas and High Priest: Sallustius

Council of Knowledge: High Priestess: Zebrah and High Priest: Caoineag

Angelic Touch: High Priestess: spiritwolf

To be wise, and to be knowledgeable.
Priest- earthlight
Priestess- Artindark



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