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Name: Drallex
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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone.
SoM has thousands of spells, articles and more. Making your own is highly recommended. Beware of the fluffy ones and use common sense when looking for one too. Rate, print, or mark them as spam too. The covens are where you can join a group of people to teach, learn, and to be a family with. Choose one that is teaching what you want to learn and feel comfortable in.
I was raised Catholic but always studied any occult information I could get my hands on. Ever since being on SoM, I have been in the Spell Casters coven and now am in the coven called the Divine Essence. I have an eclectic habit in my craft. My hobbies are gardening and rockhounding. Goodluck on your journey.
Respectfully, Drallex.
Some subjects I study and/or practice:
- White, Nature Based and Chaos Magick.
- Divination: Tarot.
Looking into:
- Working with Deities
- Ceremonial Magick
Some good books:
-The Illustrated Signs and Symbols Sourcebook A-Z Compendium of over 1000 Designs by Adele Nozedar.
-Oven Ready Chaos by Phil Hine.