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Name: Loral1966
Location: Cornwall, ON
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Blessings to all. I AM relatively new to practical magick and am enjoying the knowledge and results I am acquiring. I AM a certified energy healer and have completed my masters level in this practice. I am trained in 19 different modalities. I have apprenticed with a shaman for a period of time before receiving my formal training and have been on my spiritual path for approx. the last 15 years. I own a small home based business where I sell healing crystals/crystal jewelry, perform oracle/angel card readings, hold workshops and with the help of my guides and angels work as a conduit for my clients for self directed healing.
I have been blessed to have some degree of all four Claire's but am strongest in Clairsentience and Claircognizance. With the other two Claire's, I have the ability to see auras however, seldom see more than the white/grey layer unless the person is very strong and grounded. I am able to chanel with Archangles, guides and higher energies quite easily and do have flashes of picture outcomes on occasion.
If any of this is of interest to you, please friend me or message me as I am always open to share any knowledge I have with others. Blessings. Lora